Child Protection Chief in payout scandal

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Three interesting pieces from today’s Times, concerning the outrageous payout for failure. Thanks for the images goes to Regular Reader: .

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Neighbours Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!


Hold the front page?

Originally posted on Rotherham Politics:

At long last we have the figures for Rotherham Councillor’s Allowances & Expenses for 2011/12 only three months after our neighbours in Sheffield published theirs.

I’m afraid I don’t have a link but readers can find the full table on page 87 of today’s Rotherham Advertiser.  I will let you all make your own assumptions on the relevance of how far into the paper the notice is with no statement or coverage by the wider media.

So here we go in 2011/12 Rotherham Councillors claimed £1,112,003 a drop on last year of 1.2% from £1,125,555 wow how impressive in an age of massive austerity cuts (not).

As readers are aware we like to compare how Rotherham compares to Sheffield where the figures were £1,356,705 in 10/11 and £1,328,178 in 11/12 a drop of 2.1% oh dear Sheffield outperforms Rotherham………….again.

Now for some more numbers

Average claimed per councillor last year

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Labour’s 2015 success

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Friends who were present at this year’s local election count report, the same exaggerated celebrations and pride at the size of their majorities, despite having lost the second General Election in a row, whistling in the wind’, perhaps? The increased … Continue reading

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About Time!

Rotherham councillors and staff to undergo training Councillors and council staff in Rotherham will undergo training and political mentorship as part of a raft of measures to improve performance. The proposals were revealed in a draft improvement plan drawn up … Continue reading

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CSE Denial – The duty of the citizen?

I think we have to be careful using terms like mob rule…elected officials have the right to determine local by-laws, but in a democracy citizens have a right to protest and demonstrate – legally. There is a bigger question around … Continue reading

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Last Call – Council Meeting Friday, 22nd May, 2015 2.00 p.m.

Live politics starts again tomorrow, with the first Council meeting of the political year. Council Meeting Friday, 22nd May, 2015 2.00 p.m. Attendance details Agenda frontsheet PDF 24 KB Agenda reports pack PDF 2 MB Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, … Continue reading

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Dinnington Town Council Under New Management

Last night Dinnington Town council held it’s co-option process because we were six councillors short, we already had six independents and three Labour. We now have twelve independent councillors, independent chairman and vice chairman; all fifteen councillors are now determined … Continue reading

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