Disgraceful Denis, disgraces himself again! This time for being drunk and not fully in charge of his mouth!

Guido Fawkes once again breaks a story about your friend and mine, The Rt Hon. Dr Denis MacShane MP. Recently returned, after an unconvincing victory, as the Member for Rotherham.

Hansard, records the Deputy Speaker, Alan Haselhursts general admonishment thus:

“I am sorry to interrupt the hon. Gentleman. There are certain right Hon. and Hon. Members who are not serving the dignity of the House particularly well at the present time. At all times we should discuss things in a calm and reasonable manner, particularly, I suggest to the House, a subject of this nature.”

The subject in question was the very serious issue of rape, not the most appropriate of debates to engage in drunken rowdy behaviour, I would have thought.

Then came this lecture to MacShane from The Deputy Speaker, after his bout of particularly intemperate, bad behaviour.

“Order. The Right Hon. Member for Rotherham is behaving disgracefully and not assisting a debate of this kind. Now, he really has enough experience of this House, as a Minister and as a Back Bencher, to realise that what he is doing is out of tune with how we should conduct our business in this House. I hope that I will not hear from him again.”

Very Parliamentary language which, when translated to the vernacular, might perhaps read something like this:

“You are tired and emotional, drunk to you and me, now sit down and shut up because you are talking drivel you old sot”

If only they spoke the same language as the rest of us, no one would be in any doubt as to Denis’s disgrace.


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