What planet is MacShane on?

The Rt Hon. Dr Denis MacShane MP, or the Rt Dishon. Dr Denis MacShame as some of his blogger friends are wont to call him and much worse besides, has embarrassed himself yet again.

On Monday, MacShane rose as if to ask a pertinent question of the Prime Minister who had just given parliament a report on the situation in Afghanistan, but no, he gets up on his hind legs, more supportive than they were during the rape adjournment debate, at least at this early hour and started to read out previous words of wisdom from the Queens Speech of 26th May, it is recorded thus for posterity:

Mr Denis MacShane (Rotherham) (Lab):

On 26 May, during the Queen’s Speech debate, I said:

    “It is time to assert the principle that war is too important a matter to be left to generals. We need to assert the authority of this House and the authority of a politically elected Government over the lack of strategy in Afghanistan.”-[ Official Report, 26 May 2010; Vol. 510, c. 246.]

Therefore, I welcome the Prime Minister’s keen interest. We have had too much of this war dictated by the red tops, with their jingoism, and the red tabs, with the generals’ priorities before those of the nation. I wish the Prime Minister well in what is clearly a change of strategy, with a politically elected Government in charge.

The Prime Minister, more than a bit surprised and amused at this unusual approach from MacShane and without delay came out with a suitable riposte:

The Prime Minister:

“I thank the right hon. Gentleman. I was once told that the first sign of madness is to read out one’s own speeches”

No madness here! but the most illuminating episode yet of this arrogant, self important, self aggrandising, egotistical, greedy, ignorant  and frankly embarrassing Labour MP.

Everyone in Rotherham flinches with embarrassment and shame as they see him perform in public, on television or in Parliament.


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