Sitwell By-Election 2 – It was the Liberals!

It has now been revealed that the by-election was called by the Liberals, defending themselves by saying it was OK because they waited until after Michael Clarke’s funeral!

What tosh! Seeing clear political opportunity at the expense of their Coalition partners, they defied convention, the requirements of  basic respect and called the election at breakneck speed, whilst simultaneously denying publicly having done so!

The formation of the Coalition Government involved the most naked political opportunism by the Liberals, in their push for power they abandoned principle, gave up all of their policy promises in order to get their feet under the table of Government and access to the accoutrements of office, oh and lots of Ministerial salaries to assuage their guilt at abandoning pretty well all principle!

Hopefully Sitwell Voters at the polls on August 5th will roundly reject such cynicism and exercise their votes accordingly!


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