New Chairman of Parliamentary Standards & Privileges Committee – Kevin Barron!

The man who “Submitted bills that took me up to the limit for what I could get” and who has been far less than open about his use of our money, is revealed as the new Chairman of the Standards and Privileges Committee.

Definitely looks as though ‘business as usual’ attitudes will be returning to parliament and the ‘gravy train’ will be pulling out of the station as soon as we stop watching them, if this is anything to go by.

Have Parliamentarians lost their minds with this spectacularly ill judged appointment?

Kevin Barron

Kevin Barron is an arch exponent of secrecy and opaqueness in his claims, he has always treated his constituents with contempt, refusing to answer the most straightforward of questions put, such as why he needed a printer that cost in excess of £8000 and it’s whereabouts never having been clarified due to his arrogantly high handed attitude to his constituents enquiries.

Probably not surprising from a man who uttered the following revelatory statement in addition to the one I have quoted above:

“we should not be frightened of taking decisions on behalf of our constituents, because that is to the general good”

Also when responding to a constituent included this less than thinly veiled threat:

“I should also say to you that the content of blogs are not immune from the law. I would not hesitate to take appropriate action if the law is breached.”

Need I say any more?

For further information visit Politics in the Rother Valley

And for information on the defence of ‘fair comment‘ on Wikipedia.

Kevin Barron’s Wikipedia entry.

Kevin Barron’s own website.

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