Denis loses it big style then apologises with box of chocolates (On expenses no doubt)

Just five days after the General Election the Rotherham MP Denis MacShane made an idiot of himself during an induction session run by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority on the 11th May. It can now be reported, after a response to a freedom of information request submitted by the London Evening Standard Newspaper.

He has outed himself for being the cause of the Incident reported as Incident Five on radio 4. Read the BBC report, MPs ‘abused staff over expenses changes’  here and listen to his defence on radio.

“Incident Five

Denis MacShane MP

Date Tuesday 11th May 2010.

Very difficult and disruptive; angry, with anger directed towards volunteer (not identified) to a degree. It appeared that the volunteer had difficulties going through the induction with him. At the ten minute mark the volunteer burst into tears and a staff member (not identified) attempted to intervene. When the staff member offered to help the MP dismissed him as ‘condescending’, at which point another staff member (not identified) pulled the volunteer (still in tears) out of the session. At this stage the MP immediately became contrite and apologised and the remainder of the session conducted by a staff member (not identified). The MP continued to be difficult, claiming that the system reduced him to a cypher, and that it “made him not want to represent his country as an MP”. He later returned with a box of chocolates and a note addressed to the volunteer. Witnessed by (not identified),(not identified) and other trainers.”

Read the report yourself here.

‘MPs’ four-letter tirade against expenses regime’


This is the most illuminating episode yet, from this arrogant, self important, self aggrandising, egotistical, shameless, greedy, ignorant  and frankly embarrassing Labour MP.

He has always been rather less than open and honest about his previous uses of our money, with the many legitimate questions asked by his constituents, arrogantly ignored.

He deserves nothing but our utter contempt for his latest outrageous behaviour, I certainly would have been considerably more contrite if I had been shown to have acted in this way, his pathetic attempts to divert the interviewer failed and he, I am afraid, was left looking rather foolish, droning on about secret files, as if anyone cared.

This most obnoxious and odious politician now is on record as saying, “the system reduced him to a cypher, and that it “made him not want to represent his country as an MP”.

Denis I have news for you, Rotherham’s people never wanted you in the first place and still don’t! If it were not for the Labour NEC excluding more popular and able opponents than you at the time of your selection, you would never have become the Member for Rotherham.

No one in Rotherham wanted this professional Pole (Real name Denis Matyjaszek) to represent them and had rejected him previously in favour of Jimmy Boyce but after Jimmy died and with a manipulated short list Denis was eventually selected amid much discontent at the time from Labour members and the public who greatly resented his imposition by the Labour NEC. Few labour members were prepared to work for him at the resulting by-election and he was returned with a greatly reduced majority that has never properly recovered.

Your constituents did not give you a ringing endorsement in 2010, rather they unenthusiastically re-elected you, in spite of your many obvious faults because you wore a Labour rosette and have confirmed the old adage ‘that you could get a donkey elected in Rotherham with a red rosette on them!’ You certainly have turned out to be that donkey, if your performances during and since the election are anything to go by.

You obviously still don’t get it do you, you are supposed to be accountable to us the people who put you there and you definitely are not there to “represent your country as an MP”, but us the people. You seem to have fallen into the same mindset as your fellow Rotherham MP, Kevin Barron thinking that you are entitled to live the high life at our expense without properly accounting for it, at least to your constituents.

John Healey, the MP for Wentworth and Dearne, has had no problem at all accounting to his constituents for years now on his website for his use of public money, so why can’t you? What have you to hide? Why did you run away from your own constituents when you had the opportunity to set the record straight? Your constituents are rather amused by your assertion that you were exhausted after a gruelling campaign because your presence on the campaign trail in Rotherham was certainly not evident to them!

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