BNP: riven by feuds, caught up in law suits, employment tribunals and drowning in debt! Are we seeing the death throes of this obnoxious group of nazis?

Not content with sowing division and manipulation of working class dissent and frustrations built up over the last 13 years, fuelled in part by a labour government that did little to prevent what for many in their everyday experiences has been the unmitigated disaster of unrestricted immigration, they are now turning against each other as the party slides into chaotic feuding after their disastrous showing in this years local and General Elections.

Just a reminder of the scale of their defeat, they lost 26 of their 28 local government seats and Nick Griffin failed miserably in his attempt to unseat the damaged, Margaret Hodge, in the East London seat of Barking! We should remember also the attempt to take control of the Council of Barking ended in ignominious defeat losing every seat!

Now it has been reported that they are in serious financial meltdown with current debts said to exceed £500,000 with no reasonable prospect of meeting their commitments to the banks, functionally bankrupt then!

Spectacularly on the eve of poll in May the BNP Webmaster took down their website, facebook and Twitter feeds and replaced them with an attack on the person of Nick Griffin calling him, “pathetic, desperate and incompetent”, true no doubt but on election day! All was obviously not well in the party before a single vote was cast!

Since then internecine warfare between the various factions with plans for a breakaway at an advanced stage and at least 30 sackings of staff or expulsion of formerly loyal members, has riven the party from top to bottom. Nick Griffin himself only survived a palace coup by pulling the ‘Blair trick that he pulled on Brown’ and promising to stand down later!

I am surprised that their local apologist, Marlene Guest, aka ‘Gob on legs’ has failed to mention this catastrophe to have befallen her pernicious and poisonous party! What will she do next I wonder?

The BNP’s death throes should make a rather amusing spectacle for us to observe over the next few months, if It’s got that long that is.

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