How did Rotherham's three MP's Vote? What does it reveal?

This is the way the three local MP’s voted in the Labour Leadership Election.

Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed
Barron, Kevin 5 4 1 3 2
Healey, John 1 2
MacShane, Denis 1

Want to look for someone else? Full List Here. Harriet Harman did not Vote, nice move given that she is still Labour’s Deputy Leader.

Now the Constituency Section of the Leadership Electoral College:

Leadership Votes by Constituency
Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed
Rother Valley 11 16 34 69 38
Wentworth 10 32 28 118 69
Rotherham 9 18 21 85 45
Totals 30 66 83 272 152

Votes by CLP: Full List Here

Votes by Affiliated Members: Full List Here

This goes a long way to explain Denis doing a passable impression of the ‘Vicar of Bray’, through gritted teeth, within minutes of the result and John Healey’s seeming determination not to let himself appear in the same camera shot as David Miliband during R’Ed’s Leader’s speech yesterday, I’m sure he will now have neck ache, we might have the explanation?

No sign of Kevin Barron.

Local Labour Party members are reportedly not best pleased with Healey and Barron, the next round of meetings should be interesting! Surprisingly Denis has been adjudged to have voted correctly on this occasion, most unusual!

David 'Don't call me Dave' Miliband Quits!

David Miliband, the nearly man of Labour, beaten by R’Ed his younger brother, after a campaign for the leadership that has exposed him to have become an accomplished student and practitioner of Niccolò Machiavelli*, has announced that he will not be running for the Shadow Cabinet.


*Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527  Author of  ‘The Prince’, download ebook here. An exposition on statecraft and power politics as practised in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Studied, even today, by politicians everywhere!


Doubtless Doncaster North’s, R’Ed Miliband is also familiar with the work and theories of Lenin and Stalin if not Mao as well!

This collection of socialist demagogues refined Machiavellianism into a instrument of State centralised power and oppression, responsible ultimately for millions of lives lost.

Political principles of  ‘democratic? centralism’ as practised by the likes of Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley, still exist and are being followed in UNITE.

Leninism and Stalinism still exists in the Trades Unions and the Labour Party of the 21st century!

The Labour Party was essentially built upon Leninist principles but most members grew up and realised their essentially undemocratic nature and have been steadily moving away from them, until now that is!

Things do not bode well for labour as behind the scenes as Labour Parliamentarians are gearing up to fight the battle for leadership succession again in the Shadow Cabinet elections. Plans are afoot to deliver R’Ed a Shadow Cabinet whose members did not vote for him and then to take the ruthless new Leader, captive and exercise control over him that way!

Nice plan but will it work?

David called for an end to tribalism and factionalism, fat chance of that when battle between the differing clans is now locked, in what may eventually become a civil war within the Party, we will see!

Lord Taylor of Warwick, Tory Peer Appears in Court!

Lord Taylor of Warwick Disgraced Tory Peer

The disgraced Tory, Lord Taylor of Warwick, full name John David Beckett Taylor, appeared at Southwark Crown Court over the parliamentary expenses scandal today in a plea hearing.

The 58 year old denied charges of dishonestly claiming more than £24,300 in overnight subsistence and mileage.

He has been charged with six counts of false accounting.

The first charge alleges that on or around March 31 2006 he dishonestly submitted claims for overnight subsistence and car mileage, stating his main home was outside London when he lived in the capital.

The other five charges allege similar claims were made on July 3 2006, October 31 2006, April 5 2007, July 2 2007 and October 31 2007.

He will be back in court again, More then.

Previous Story: Tory Lord Taylor in Court!

Comrade, the 'Great Leader' R'Ed Miliband – Speaks at Labour's, 2010 Supreme Soviet Conference.

For the history books? An early draft of the speech: Published here in the interests of historical completeness for the future dialectical materialists to examine .

R’Ed Miliband, The Unions Peoples Choice, shares his vision for the future for the first time as the newly installed ‘Great Leader’.

Comrades I stand here humbled by the support of just a few, soon to be gone, Union Bosses and I will forever be in their debt. Thank you Tony, Derek, Charlie, Dave, Billy and Paul from the bottom of my heart! Note: that will probably have to go R’Ed.

New Labour is Dead, the fact that I am standing here and not my brother proves it.

My victory is a victory for socialist principles and I intend to lead us into the next socialist millennium! Beyond the certain revolution to come!

I told a constituent just the other day, that with me and my principles at the helm everyone will drive Rolls Royces after the revolution, I must say he looked a little perplexed at this saying he didn’t want said Rolls Royce he was reassured however when I told him that after the revolution he would do as he was told!

Can’t tell you any more because I didn’t have time to look at my hourly email of instructions from Derek and Charlie so I will speak for an hour, sound new and refreshing but say nowt, as they say in the frozen North of Doncaster!

Then walk straight out amid much fanfare, back to my hotel before anyone realises that I have gone and stops clapping. Very good in PR terms I am sure, just in case anyone realises the audiences lack of sincerity – nice trick don’t you think?.

By the way, where exactly is Doncaster in relation to Primrose Hill? Not that I will need to know until 2015 if the hated counter revolutionary capitalist Government of Camlegg endures until then?

Supreme Comrade, R'Ed Miliband for ever after to be known as, the 'Great Leader'. Bathed in imperial purple, with a matching tie, what is he trying to say? If I ruled the world? Perhaps?

Note for historians: Just as well this very early Draft was abandoned and replaced with the vacuous diatribe of nostrums that appealed to the needs of the ‘sound bite’ and to pull the audiences strings, a majority of whom did not in fact support him, whilst saying absolutely nothing! Nothing new there then! Compare it with the actual speech as delivered, click here.

Clearly evidence of back sliding from the purity of his socialist ideals he said he had during the campaign. Cries of ‘sell out’! Already being heard from the left wing! Oh dear, I am sure it will end in tears.

Those interested in ‘dialectical materialism‘, like R’Ed’s  dad Ralph, was certain that there was no parliamentary road to socialism and even wrote a book entitled the Parliamentary Socialism: A Study of the Politics of Labour (1961), to argue his case. Still in print, my copy has been well read over the years and his views as refreshing, informative and relevant now, as they were when he wrote them down!

Never, I am sure, did anyone expect that he would father two sons seemingly engaged in trying so hard to prove his thesis right!

How Derek Simpson,* Charlie Whelan and the 'Brothers' fixed it for Ed!

It can now be revealed how the surprise victory of Ed Miliband was engineered.

Shortly after the General Election defeat of the Brown led, Labour Government, Left wing Trades Union leaders met in secret to hatch a plan to take Labour back from the hated ‘Blair New Labourites’. David Miliband, seen by them as Blair’s anointed successor, was by now not flavour of the month with this group and they were determined to stop him at any cost, if they could.

At the meeting were, GMB General Secretary Paul Kenny, Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis, CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes and Unite joint  General Secretaries Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson.

In what was described as a ‘carve up’ it was decided that one of the Eds, would do as the ‘stop David at any cost’ candidate.

These Union Barons, emboldened by the fact that the balance on the Labour benches in Parliament had shifted in the union’s favour because of the attention paid by them to the selection battles for the new intake of MPs. They had ensured that a high proportion of the new intake were sympathetic to their narrow left wing world view and Simpson did not tire of pointing this fact out, to all who would listen.

Make no mistake in the view of these union barons, their plan was to wrest control of the Labour Party from it’s members and to make it ‘bend the knee’ to the Trades Unions in a way not seen since the 1970’s.

Ed Balls, the former Schools Minister when sounded out, refused to be anything like as co-operative as Ed Miliband in allowing himself to be portrayed as the prisoner of the unions and would not allow himself to be compromised in this way.

Ed Miliband however was a different kettle of fish entirely, he had no qualms in shedding responsibility for the mistakes of the previous thirteen years, don’t forget he has only been in Parliament since the 2005 General Election, a mere five years, and by close of poll had repudiated most, if not all, of last Mays manifesto, incredible when you realise that he was the author!

Ed Miliband’s extraordinarily flexible approach to principle, won him the support of this secret cabal of union Barons and they prepared for their coup, bringing all their vast resources to bear upon this task. Manipulating Labours rules to the point where both the letter and the spirit were broken in a casual way and in one case voting differently to their consultative ballot result, the CWU led by Billy Hayes.

We now learn that ten percent of all ballot papers in the Trade Union Section of Labours electoral college did not count and were rejected for want of a tick in the box. This incredibly high rejection rate amongst the very small number voting in these ballots will have skewed this result, we are talking here about 36,500 rejected votes a not inconsiderable number compared to the current Labour Party membership of 170,000 or less. Equivalent to over a fifth of the memberships opinions rejected!

In the case of the GMB there is a row going on as to the ‘legality’ of their ballot because undue influence was brought to bear when they sent out their ballot papers in the now infamous envelope.

The 'infamous' rule breaking envelope

The comrades were reportedly in celebratory mood after their coup and were seen and heard celebrating around the bars and fringe meetings at Labour’s conference. Fortunately they have all gone very camera shy otherwise this could have been turned into an albatross around Eds neck if any of this was recorded for posterity.

In the evening Derek Simpson, the soon to be Ex-Joint General Secretary of Unite (He retires on 23 December 2010. Hooray!!!) in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel bar has been reported to have crowed about the result along with Charlie Whelan and it’s implications for the future of the left, in ways that would not  be entirely helpful to the new leader when trying to distance himself from them in public and on television. One of those present bragged how the Unite-sponsored Labour MPs were brought into line. The union spent the whole of the TUC week arm-twisting MPs (many of whom backed Ed Balls) to make sure they used their second preferences for Ed Miliband. Neither Derek Simpson nor Charlie Whelan are likely to be able to remember the whole evening, it has been reported. Fingers are no doubt crossed, in Labour ranks, that none of this will reach us online, we shall see?

Ed Miliband on the Andrew Marr Show, broadcast on the BBC on Sunday morning, was already furiously rowing back from promises made to the unions, declaring himself to be ‘his own man’. His ability to change view is almost chameleon like in it’s flexibility and speed of colour change.

Red Ed to cuddly voter friendly pale pink Ed who doesn’t frighten the voters, in a single night! Extraordinary!


Derek and Tony - United by dislike! Brotherly Love On Show?

*Derek Simpson – A member of the Communist Party of Great Britain until its disbanding in 1991, he joined the Labour Party in 1994. A ‘Democratic Centralist’ with ruthless determination for control, Stalinist some would say comfortable with the vocabulary of the left. Those less charitable, describe him as a control freak megalomaniac! One thing is for sure, Tony Woodley can’t stand him! Useful if you are trying to run a union as Joint General Secretaries, I would have thought? Reports indicate, that the feeling as far as Derek is concerned, is entirely mutual. No basis for running a whelk stall evidently!

Trades Unions foist Ed Miliband on Party! Huge Mistake! Constitutional crisis looms!

Trades Union leaders are already planning to take full advantage from their chosen standard bearer in Labour’s leadership contest and are as I write, in the bars, plotting to turn Ed Miliband into their prisoner. Beer and sandwiches anyone?

The Public Wanted David, Labour Party members wanted David, Members of Parliament wanted David, Messers Simpson, Woodley, Prentis, Kenny and Co from the unions wanted Ed. So who wins? Ed!

This is the first occasion that all the parts of the Labour Electoral College have not all gone the same way. Previous Leaders from Neil Kinnock to Blair had an overwhelming majority amongst Members, Parliamentarians and Trades Unions so this issue has not arisen before.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg must be rubbing their hands with glee at the numerous own goals this charade has ended up providing them with! Ed Miliband could end up a lame duck by Christmas or even earlier!

This will lead to a great many problems for Ed Miliband that previous Leaders did not have to face in uniting the Party behind them! MPs are most disgruntled at this outcome as are local members who mostly seem to have gone for David.

Civil war inside the Labour Party is the usual fall out from losing office. Only hunger for future Party success has a chance of maintaining unity. This will especially come under strain when Simpson and Co start applying pressure on MPs to toe the Unite, GMB or Unison line. Sources tell me that unkind comparisons to Michael Foot are the mainstay of many earnest conversations around the conference bars. Real anger mixed with despair are stalking the conference corridors. Delegates are already acutely aware of the consequences of the Unions victory because it will erode confidence in the long term and many are of the opinion that the next General Election was lost today. At this rate, civil war will have broken out by tomorrow morning, so much for unity!

This reaction from an unnamed but senior Labour MP:

“I think this will trigger a constitutional crisis in the party. It is complete madness that we can be seen to have a leader who was put there by the unions.”

From Tony Woodley. Joint General Secretary Unite:

“We welcome Ed’s victory – this is a fantastic achievement for him and for the policies he has been promoting. His victory, coming from nowhere a few months ago, is a clear sign that the party wants change, to move on from New Labour and reconnect with working people. Ed has won by hitting the issues people care about – stopping the assassination of public services, fighting for a living wage, standing up for manufacturing, a better future for young people. Now the party must unite behind its new leadership and take the fight to the Tories.”

From Dave Prentis. General Secretary Unison:

“Unison backed Ed Miliband because of the way he listened and understood the needs of ordinary working people. We look forward to working together to challenge the coalition government and its regressive cuts agenda. Under Ed’s leadership, Labour must offer an alternative economic strategy, promoting growth and recovery, together with fairness … As a priority, Ed must reconnect with Labour’s lost voters, including public sector workers, many of whom have been turned off in the past because they believed that Labour had deserted them.”

I saw John Healey on television and from his demeanour, he could not disguise his displeasure at the outcome, nor I suspect was he aware he was on television, Oh dear! Perhaps he was looking forward to the Shadow Cabinet elections to come?

The backlash begins, this from Sayeeda Warsi already:

“On behalf of all of us in the Conservative Party, I congratulate Ed Miliband on his election as Leader of the Labour Party.

He will have many challenges ahead in these next few days, but if he wants to be taken seriously, the first thing he’s got to do is own up to his role in creating the mess that Britain is in and tell us what he’d do to fix it.

From advising Gordon Brown in the Treasury in the 90s, to serving in his Cabinet in the 2000s, he must recognise his central role in creating the financial mess we’re all paying for.

For the past five months, all we’ve heard from Labour is knee jerk opposition to our plans to tackle the deficit. Now is the time for Mr Miliband to tell us what he’d do instead. He promised us a Labour spending plan before the spending review, now we’d all like to see it.

The new Labour leader now has a clear choice. He can either serve the national interest by joining with us and the Liberal Democrats and set out how he would cut the deficit, or he can stand on the sidelines and refuse to engage with the biggest challenge facing Britain in decades.

The fact that Ed Miliband owes his position to the votes of the unions does not bode well. At the moment this looks like a great leap backwards for the Labour Party.

After 13 years of Labour failure, we need your help to hold Ed Miliband to account.


And Guido Fawkes announced victory for Ed thus:

Charlie Whelan Wins by a Whisker

Unite’s massive effort to persuade disinterested union members to vote for Ed Miliband paid off. Ed won 50.65% of the vote. He lost in the MP and membership sections of the electoral college but took so much of the union vote it didn’t matter. The unions bought the election, endorsements and incredibly heavy promotion of their chose candidate paid off. Charlie Whelan and Derek Simpson can justifiably claim it is their victory, they got Red Ed the job…

From Toby Young:

Did Ed Miliband supporters break the rules of the leadership election? If so, big trouble lies ahead.

and Christmas has come early for David Cameron.

John Rentoul of the Independent:

The party voted for David Miliband but got the Panda instead

Those results in full:

Diane Abbott: 7.42% (0.877% from MPs and MEPs, 2.447% from members, 4.093% from unions and affiliated societies)
Ed Balls: 11.79% (5.013% from MPs and MEPs, 3.371% from members, 3.411% from unions and societies)
Andy Burnham: 8.68% (3.008% from MPs and MEPs, 2.849% from members, 2.825% from unions and societies)
David Miliband: 37.78% (13.910% from MPs and MEPs, 14.688% from members, 9.182% from unions and societies)
Ed Miliband: 34.33% (10.526% from MPs and MEPs, 13.821% from members, 9.978% from unions and societies)

As no candidate got more than 50% overall, Diane Abbott was eliminated and her second preference votes redistributed.

Ed Balls: 13.3% (5.171% from MPs and MEPs , 4.224% from members, 3.829% from unions and affiliated societies)
Andy Burnham: 10.41% ( 3.03% from MPs and MEPs, 3.298% from members, 4.078% from unions and affiliated societies)
David Miliband: 38.89% (14.015% from MPs and MEPs , 15.076% from members, 9.799% from unions and affiliated societies)
Ed Miliband: 37.47% (11.111% from MPs and MEPs , 11.13% from members, 15.231% from unions and affiliated societies)

As no candidate got more than 50% overall, Andy Burnham was eliminated and his votes redistributed according to preferences.

Ed Balls: 16.02% (5.429% from MPs and MEPs, 4.823% from members, 5.76% from unions and affiliated societies)
David Miliband: 42.72% (15.783% from MPs and MEPs, 16.076% from members, 10.861% from unions and affiliated societies)
Ed Miliband: 41.26% (12.121% from MPs and MEPs , 12.424% from members, 16.706% from unions and affiliated societies)

As no candidate got more than 50% overall, Ed Balls was eliminated and his votes redistributed according to preferences.

David Miliband 49.35% (17.812% from MPs and MEPs, 18.135% from members, 13.40% from unions and affiliated societies)
Ed Miliband 50.65% (15.522% from MPs and MEPs, 15.198% from members, 19.934% from unions and affiliated societies)

Ed Miliband passed the 50% threshold and declared the winner.

Why did the Council not tell us the full truth?

Why do they not make it plain that these figures are only eight months worth? Click Here To Download pdf.

Were they trying to take us for fools with this outrageous deception?

Allowances for the Members of The Standards Committee, it would appear, were introduced with effect from 1st August 2009, so the figures to be published in a future Advertiser I presume, are only for the period August 2009 to March 2010, only eight months, I present the annualised figures in the table below. Click Here for Council Minutes reference the decision.

2009 – 2010
The Real Full Year Figures!
Members of Standards Committee – Co-optees’
Member Co-optee Allowance Travel Subsistence Total
Andrew M £3,500.00 £76.85 £31.20 £3,608.05
Bates D £1,000.00 £1,000.00
Bingham A £2,500.00 £5.10 £20.00 £2,525.10
Buckley A £1,000.00 £1,000.00
Daines I £1,000.00 £1,000.00
Elder P £1,000.00 £1,000.00
Foster DG £1,000.00 £1,000.00
Musson G £1,000.00 £1,000.00
Porter J £1,000.00 £1,000.00
Sykes N £1,000.00 £1,000.00
Totals £14,000.00 £81.95 £51.20 £14,133.15

It seems that nowadays all public service has to have a financial reward.

Call me old fashioned if you like, but this kind of public service should not attract financial reward in my opinion, or are even School Governors to be paid! Or is that already happening? We should be told?

The Standards Committee inevitably loses much credibility and independence by this disastrous move to reward members. How can they discipline councillors? When they rely on them to vote for their financial reward! Exactly! Credibility holed below the waterline! Quite OUTRAGEOUS in fact! Has no one heard of conflict of interest, perhaps?

Did no one on the committee realise the difficulties this would put them in? Or were they all dazzled by the money?

See below, Standards Committee, What Have They Done to Deserve These Payments? Repayment would still take twelve years at these rates!

£14,000.00 per year plus expenses is an awful lot of OUR money!

Greed, more Greed, everywhere you look!!!!

The ‘gravy train’ evidently still runs in Rotherham!

The sound of ‘snouts in the trough’ is deafening!

Standards Committee, What Have They Done to Deserve These Payments?

The answer is nothing, apart from being involved in the country’s most expensive disciplinary case to date! That of Parish Councillor Neil Fulcher. Still not complete and has cost at least £170,000.00 to date!

Why? because this little group did not stand up, assert their independence and tell the complainants to grow up and get over it!

So, this group have cost us a small fortune! Perhaps they should consider repaying this sum by forgoing their Allowances until it is paid off? It will only take eighteen years!


Members of Standards Committee – Co-optees’ Allowances.
Member Co-optee Allowance Travel Subsistence Total
Andrew M £2,333.36 £76.85 £31.20 £2,441.41
Bates D £666.64 £666.64
Bingham A £1,666.64 £5.10 £20.00 £1,691.74
Buckley A £666.64 £666.64
Daines I £666.64 £666.64
Elder P £666.64 £666.64
Foster DG £666.64 £666.64
Musson G £666.64 £666.64
Porter J £666.64 £666.64
Sykes N £677.39 £677.39
Totals £9,343.87 £81.95 £51.20 £9,477.02

Extracted from:

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Greediest Of Them All?…..

Let the figures speak for themselves!

Greed by Individual Councillor 2009-10
Rank Name 2009-10 Ward Up Next Year
1 Roger Stone £45,407.72 Silverwood Yes
2 Terry Sharman £34,062.38 Wingfield Yes
3 Richard Russell £29,127.27 Hoober No
4 Gerald Smith £28,730.15 Holderness No
5 Mahroof Hussain £28,670.90 Boston Castle No
6 Glyn Whelbourn £28,662.08 Rawmarsh No
7 Shaun Wright £28,624.15 Rawmarsh No
8 Jahangir Akhtar £28,622.08 Rotherham West No
9 Ken Wyatt £28,597.44 Swinton No
10 Iain StJohn £26,707.84 Anston & Woodsetts Yes
11 John Doyle £26,608.20 Swinton Yes
12 Dave Pickering £23,292.72 Valley No
13 Ann Russell £23,268.91 Silverwood No
14 Rose McNeely £23,186.91 Boston Castle No
15 Jane Austen £23,183.41 Holderness Yes
Georgina Boyes £23,183.41 Rother Vale No
17 Alex Sangster £23,182.96 Wath Yes
John Gilding £23,182.96 Sitwell Yes
19 Hilda Jack £23,180.04 Holderness No
Peter Wooton £23,180.04 Boston Castle Yes
21 Barry Dodson £17,821.29 Rotherham East Yes
22 John Swift £17,746.45 Rother Vale Yes
23 Lindsay Johnston £17,734.79 Wingfield No
Paul Lakin £17,734.79 Valley Yes
Jennifer Whysall £17,734.79 Wales No
26 Alan Atkin £17,064.05 Wath No
JRA Turner £17,064.05 Hellaby No
28 Maurice Kirk £14,366.66 Rotherham East No
Amy Rushforth £14,366.66 Maltby No
30 Frank Hodgkiss £14,191.06 Hoober No
31 Josephine Burton £13,974.74 Anston & Woodsetts No
32 Reg Littleboy £13,882.84 Brinsworth & Catcliffe Yes
33 Shaukat Ali £13,735.60 Rotherham East No
34 Pat Russell £13,640.64 Silverwood No
35 Ian Barron £13,596.78 Keppel No
36 Sheila Walker £13,588.84 Keppel No
37 Barry Kaye £13,570.24 Keppel Yes
38 Jacqueline Falvey £13,558.84 Dinnington No
Alan Gosling £13,558.84 Wath No
Jane Hamilton £13,558.84 Hoober Yes
Jane Havenhand £13,558.84 Dinnington Yes
42 Fred Wright £13,558.40 Brinsworth & Catcliffe No
43 Simon Currie £13,404.13 Valley No
Keith Goulty £13,404.13 Wingfield No
45 Simon Tweed £13,400.75 Dinnington No
46 Chris McMahon £12,952.16 Wickersley No
47 Neil License £12,772.58 Swinton No
48 Kath Sims £12,457.87 Rotherham West No
49 T Fenoughty £12,412.54 Wales No
50 Michael Clarke £12,306.98 Sitwell Dec
Brian Cutts £12,306.98 Hellaby Yes
Lynda Donaldson £12,306.98 Hellaby No
John Foden £12,306.98 Rotherham West Yes
Neil Hamilton £12,306.98 Rawmarsh Yes
Tony Mannion £12,306.98 Sitwell No
G Nightingale £12,306.98 Rother Vale No
G Sharp £12,306.98 Wales Yes
Ben Slade £12,306.98 Maltby Yes
Peter Thirlwall £12,306.98 Wickersley Yes
60 Will Blair £12,303.59 Maltby No
John Gamble £12,303.59 Brinsworth & Catcliffe No
Darren Hughes £12,303.59 Anston & Woodsetts No
Martyn Parker £12,303.59 Boston Castle No

Councillor Greed by Ward 2009-2010.
Ward totals in descending order.
Ward Total Rank
Silverwood £82,317.27 1
Holderness £75,093.60 2
Boston Castle £75,037.85 3
Rawmarsh £69,593.21 4
Swinton £67,978.22 5
Wingfield £65,201.13 6
Hoober £56,877.17 7
Valley £54,431.64 8
Wath £53,804.30 9
Rotherham West £53,386.93 10
Rother Vale £53,236.84 11
Anston & Woodsetts £52,986.17 12
Sitwell £47,796.88 13
Rotherham East £45,923.55 14
Wales £42,454.31 15
Hellaby £41,681.01 16
Keppel £40,755.86 17
Dinnington £40,518.43 18
Brinsworth & Catcliffe £39,744.83 19
Maltby £38,977.23 20
Wickersley £37,562.73 21

Extracted from: