In this ‘Age of Austerity’. Are they really worth this much?

Recent information has become available on the pay of the Rotherham Council ‘fat cats’. Firstly the Senior Officers who, between, them actually run our town.

Position Total Remuneration 2007-08* Total Remuneration 2008-09* Total Remuneration 2009-10**
Chief Executive £159,183.00 £163,083.00 £169,665.00
Assistant Chief Executive Policy and Performance £100,611.00 £100,939.00
Assistant Chief Executive Human Resources £97,008.00
Assistant Chief Executive Legal and Democratic Services £96,007.00 £96,847.00
Sub Total £464,459.00
Strategic Director of Financial Services
£110,673.00 £132,772.00 £132,772.00
Strategic Director Neighbourhoods and Adults Services £110,673.00 £132,772.00 £132,772.00
Strategic Director of Children and Young Peoples Services £110,673.00 £132,772.00 £132,772.00
Strategic Director Environment and Development Services £110,673.00 £132,772.00 £132,772.00
Total £995,547.00


* Source Tax Payers Alliance

** Source Statement_of_Accounts_2009-10

Secondly, a summary of the totals paid to Councillors in the years 2005-2010. The detailed breakdowns will be published as soon as they become available. Meanwhile the totals and averages are very illuminating!

The total amount of money our councillors pocket for representing us has grown significantly over the last five years from £981,750 to £1,194,308, an increase of £213,558 no less! An eighteen percent increase in just five years!

No small wonder then that Rotherham is in a mess? Evidently, the gravy train still pulls out of Rotherham!

The other reason that Rotherham Borough Council is always chaotically run, is the long continuing problem of the Labour Group thinking they run Rotherham ‘lock stock and barrel’, nothing of any significance happens without interference from at least one ‘senior’ councillor or other, engaging in micromanagement that has caused one or two difficult problems in the past, once exposed. The hubris of the Rotherham Labour Group has led them into the delusion that they run things, not the officers!

Thirdly, Some of the above would not be quite the problem it has become, were it not for the fact that the competency level amongst the Council Members is so poor! A quick review of the Labour ranks shows them to be older on average than at any time since 1974. It is such a problem that it has led to speculation that their collective age now exceeds their IQ?

Without an extensive clear out of the sitting councillors before next May’s local elections, Rotherham Councillors will end up on average, even more spectacularly ill equipped to discharge their duties and become the public embarrassment they are, once the spotlight is thrown upon them.

If Rotherham Labour really have the best interests of Rotherham at heart then it is time to bite the bullet and get rid of some of these geriatric old timers that populate the Town Hall, making it resemble more a day care centre than a place of serious decision making!

To those of the Conservative persuasion looking at their own panel of councillors, I would simply say, if the cap fits?

Councillors Allowances (Excluding Joint Authority Allowances) Total 63
Years 2005-06 2006-07 * 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
Totals £981,750.00 £1,076,797.00 £1,137,235.00 £1,165,736.00 £1,194,308.00
Average £15,583.00 £17,092.00 £18,051.00 £18,503.00 £18,957.00

Note * Said to Include Joint Authority Allowances.


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