MacShane Still Smarting about IPSA, Will He Ever Learn?

Denis MacShane, is still upset about the new expenses regime that might just put an end to his greed by exposing his imaginative use of the definitions in the Green Book to allow claims that should not have been allowed under the old regime but were allowed under the regime administered by the previous Speaker Martin, who is reputed to have promised relaxation of the claiming rules as part of his campaign to become Speaker. Fill your boots seems to have become the order of the day under Martin and they did!

Extract from Hansard:

Denis MacShane (Rotherham, Labour)

“On a point of order, Mr Speaker. Sir, if you go out into the corridors around here, you will find closed circuit television cameras being installed in the Central Lobby and other corridors that are normally private to Members. Is this known to you? Some people say that it is just to do with the Pope’s visit, and that is perfectly reasonable, but if that is so, can we be sure that the cameras are taken down? I love the surveillance society. I am not sure whether the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has an investment in making sure that we are all here and that we are going to our restaurants and coming out with the appropriate bills, but I do not like CCTV cameras in this our House of Commons.”

All Parliamentarians must understand now that we are watching them closely and will challenge each and every example of greed that we discover.

The past is gone but not forgotten. In the cases of Eric Illsley, a serving Labour MP and the Ex Labour MP’s, Elliott Morley, Jim Devine and David Chaytor as well as Tories Lord Hanningfield and Lord Taylor, they are grinding through the criminal justice system. Undoubtedly there will be more to follow these six, they cannot be the only ones to have allegedly acted in a fraudulent and dishonest way, we shall see!

There are more Parliamentarians from both Houses whose greed and manipulation of the rules is yet to be exposed. No one who has been guilty of this should relax, as the people are on their case!

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