Read John Healey's Letter to Labour MP's in Shadow Cabinet Elections.

View John’s letter to fellow Labour Members of Parliament canvassing their support in the Shadow Cabinet elections.

John Healey Strikes Heroic Pose! Still got his tie on though.

There will be few letters better than this. Compare with this, from Caroline Flint.  More than a bit thin, don’t you think?

Clearly John has not given up ambitions of the ‘greasy pole’ variety and appears to be going all out to get on Labour’s Shadow Cabinet, for starters.

Kevin Barron and Denis MacShane appear to have settled for their lot and have made no attempt to join the other 49 candidates in the race. Has anyone seen Kevin Barron recently? If you have, please share it with us with a comment.

What are Johns chances? Pretty good, providing there is no attempt to put a slate up for a keep things as they are, a David Miliband tendency, supporting Shadow Cabinet, without David of course to lead this faction. Indeed, who has taken over leadership of this group amongst Labour MPs, I wonder?

This set of Shadow Cabinet elections will be most interesting, the results should tell us much about the balance of power between Labours factions.

John’s perceived disloyalty to continuity, he voted for Ed Balls and second Ed Miliband not David as his constituency members would have had him vote for, may yet count heavily against him!

LabourList, Labour’s biggest independent grassroots e-network.

John Healey Re-election site.

John Healey Wikipedia

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