Democratic Outrage! Was there a 'conspiracy of silence' that concealed the full truth about 'Dissembling' Denis from the Voters of Rotherham?

A posting on Richard Wilson’s blog, the excellent,  Don’t Get Fooled Again, raises some very serious constitutional issues concerning the fact that the voters were deliberately deceived about their Labour Candidate.

He points to the fact that significant material facts about Denis, were concealed from public view before the election.

I quote:

“I’ve argued before that cleaning up Parliament will require a wholesale clear-out not only of the corrupt MPs who have been abusing the system for personal gain, but also of the unelected, unaccountable officials who have worked so hard to help them get away with it.

The Parliamentary Standards Office made a deliberate decision to withhold crucial information from UK voters ahead of the 2010 General Election. The voters of Rotherham – and for all we know many other constituencies around the country – were thus prevented from making an informed choice about the candidates seeking their votes. It’s only now, five months after the election has taken place, that the full picture is beginning to emerge. It may be another four years before Rotherham voters can express their judgement on this at the ballot box.

Yet again, the Standards Commission has put the “privileges of Parliament” before the rights of the electorate, and brought our democracy into further disrepute.”

I couldn’t agree more with these sentiments!

If this was a job he had applied for and was now in post, he would have been escorted off the premises, by some security man earlier this week, when the story finally came out! Having been summarily dismissed from his post.

We have been disgracefully deceived! Who by? Those we trusted to tell us the truth! The Parliamentary Authorities, The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and most of all, the Labour Party for not weeding out this greedy politician even though they knew all this information well before the election. They also knew about ‘honest’ Eric Illsley, from Barnsley, yet they let him stand as well!

The Labour Party is the real villain of the piece, it is incredible to realise that they knew all this and more and they still let them stand as Labour Candidates! So much for trusting Labour, look where that has got us!

The real ‘good guys’ on the Labour benches and even in the Shadow Cabinet must be feeling badly let down by their party for this ridiculous affair that should have been properly dealt with before the election. So that the exposure would have been Ex MPs, a much less damaging outcome than the parade of Labour Members of Parliament’s Greed, Sleaze and Corruption that is coming out now!

Gordon Brown lied to us! He asserted that all Labour Candidates had been thoroughly vetted and passed muster as honest, honourable and decent people who could be trusted with confidence. ‘Dissembling’ Denis and ‘Honest’ Eric prove that he did indeed lie to us!

Labour evidently can no longer be trusted, at least in the Yorkshire Region. The Labour Party Regional Director, Paul Nicholson and Yorkshire MP and Leader, R’Ed Milliband, should get a grip and now move swiftly to expose the rest of their ‘rotten apples’ and to deal with them expeditiously, requiring them to stand down from Parliament forthwith, if they are to emerge from this with any credit at all.

They had no right to foist Denis or Eric on their electorates knowing what they did about them, they should remedy the situation now, not let it fester on for months!

No by-elections, no trust left!

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