Councillors, just who do they think they are? £2.9 Million spent on the Town Hall!

We finally got the low down on the costs of the Town Hall refurbishment thanks to the Advertiser and Phil Turner, their reporter, not being prepared to take no for an answer when they made a Freedom of Information request that was outrageously rejected initially on the grounds of cost.

The Borough Council had a change of heart after they were roundly criticised for their ridiculous stance and the information was published by the Advertiser in a special report by Phil Turner on the 15th October edition.

I quote the salient facts:

Where The Money Went
Chairs and coverings £310,000.00
Wallpaper £154,000.00
Toilet Fittings £119,000.00
Kitchen Facilities £98,000.00
Carpets £111,000.00
Microphones/technology £217,000.00
Security £106,000.00
Function room bar £30,000.00
Windows £40,000.00
General building costs £1,715,000.00
Total £2,900,000.00

These are truly ‘eye watering’ amounts of our money spent by the councillors on themselves refurbishing the Town Hall!

They are in addition to the £793,000.00 spent on the Eric Manns Building creating what amounts to a private club for these cosseted individuals and £2,460,00.00 on the new Doncaster Gate offices!

£154,000.00 spent on wallpaper! £119,000.00 on toilet fittings! are they solid gold? £217,000.00 on technology the councillors won’t be able to use! £310,000.00 on coverings and chairs, somebody is seriously having a laugh at our expense it would seem?

Despite these vast sums being spent it apparently is not possible for those in wheelchairs or who can’t climb stairs to access the public gallery at the Town Hall!

The Councils justification, ‘well, it’s less than a New Town Hall, that would have cost £7.5 Million’. So that’s a saving then is it? Attitudes like this must change, the real world must intrude even into Rotherham’s, Labour controlled, local government. Rotherham folk deserve better!

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