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Devine retribution – Sixteen Months!

Jim Devine, Ex-Labour MP for Livingston, has today been sentenced to sixteen months at the Old Bailey! Well done to Mr Justice Saunders for handing down this penalty, considering he put the courts to the trouble of trying him when … Continue reading

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MacShane – More musical chairs in Parliament?

After the humiliation of being forced off the Labour benches at last weeks PMQ’s, MacShane was back to pretending to be a Labour MP once again! I am reminded here of Dominic Lawson’s views of shamed politicians when he criticised … Continue reading

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MacShane – Do the Tories know something we don’t?

In a very surprising move Rotherham Tories have selected their proposed candidate for the Rotherham Constituency, despite the next General Election being four years away. Could it be that they know something we don’t? An upcoming by-election for Rotherham, perhaps? … Continue reading

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Expenses Scandal Latest News – Ex-Tory MEP told to repay staggering £345,289!

The news has surfaced today of more ‘unfinished business’ on the expenses scandal front. This time, Ex-Tory MEP and Ex-MP, Den Dover, no spring chicken at 72, has been ordered to repay the eye-watering sum of £345,289! This is bad … Continue reading

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MacShane finally gets the message – Labour pushes him out!

I know I’m pretty sad, but watching PMQ’s was rewarded today when MacShane, who has been notable by his absence in recent days, was seen sitting amongst the Nationalists, on the far away benches in the Parliamentary Universe, reserved for … Continue reading

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Chaytor appeal – rejected!

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, has announced the rejection of David Chaytor’s appeal. Announcing the decision, Lord Judge, sitting with Mr Justice Henriques and Mr Justice Foskett, said: “This was a grave breach of trust and there was a … Continue reading

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IPSA gives in to the greed impulse!

Many MPs including two of Rotherham’s own, Denis MacShane and Kevin Barron have done little but complain and lobby behind the scenes, they don’t want their constituents to know this of course, for changes to allow more ‘flexibility’. They could … Continue reading

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