Disgraced MacShane – Organises Conference 31-51-81?

Tomorrow, in Rotherham, a group of Labour luminaries will gather for a conference.

After losing office and with the world going to pieces they are going to collectively contemplate their navels and talk about the past!

You would have thought that the likes of Polly Toynbee would have better things to do than come up here, just to massage the ego of Rotherham’s disgraced MP. She does have a recent book to sell however, so I guess that would explain it! MacShane it should be noted, was thrown out of the Labour Party! Once the news of his, still ongoing, police investigation surfaced!

Surely the title of this conference for true headbangers is incorrect? Ramsay McDonald was PM and lost power in 1931, Clem Atlee also PM losing power in 1951, but surely the real 3rd should be 1979 and Jim Callaghan the PM who lost to Maggie in 1979. If the organisers knowledge of history is flawed then I doubt whether they will come up with any startling conclusions.

Tickets have reportedly not sold well and they are engaged in damage limitation as I write in MacShanes rather expensive (for us) office just off Moorgate. Pretty soon they will give up the pretence and let people come free, but I doubt that many will turn up when it has also been revealed as only a front for a Labour fundraiser for MacShane! Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that MacShane was still a Labour MP? He certainly tries to pretend to be!

Hang on just a minute, surely his office should be used exclusively for his Parliamentary Duties? Use of this office to organise Labour Party fundraisers is not therefore a proper use!

Update: Sales of tickets for this conference must be going well. The conference website was amended to read:

*NEWS* Due to the short time until the Conference, you no longer need to pay beforehand. Simply e-mail mike@denismacshane.org.uk with your details, and you can pay on the door.

The registration fee is £10 each, or £2 for concessions. Please send a cheque or Postal Order made payable to “South Yorkshire Political Conferences”, along with the following information, to The Office of Denis MacShane MP, 4 Hall Grove S60 2BS

“South Yorkshire Political Conferences” Who or what are they? Is this just another front organisation behind which MacShane hides?

Update: Guido asks more questions of MacShane – Why Is MacShane Fund-raising For Labour?

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