IPSA gives in to the greed impulse!

Many MPs including two of Rotherham’s own, Denis MacShane and Kevin Barron have done little but complain and lobby behind the scenes, they don’t want their constituents to know this of course, for changes to allow more ‘flexibility’. They could be heard around Westminster, moaning and complaining ad nauseum.

These two, among the least open of MPs when it comes to explaining their use of our money, were, up to the new system was introduced, among the largest claimers. They have reversed this and are currently bottom of the order.

The only significant change to the system, apart from putting the system on-line was the requirement for proper receipts, demonstrating that the expenditure had actually happened! What’s the matter with that? I can hear you say. Proving that you actually spent the money, whatever next!

The kind of receipts habitually presented by MPs has for a long time been a farce with the most extraordinarily thin paperwork. We now know, that where it did not exist, MPs simply created their own! We see this approach in the last posting about David Chaytor the forger! Perhaps this explains MPs reticence to claim?

These changes announced today will only end in disaster, because ‘flexibility’ will be misused by these greedy, dishonest MPs still sitting in the House enjoying reputations they do not deserve.

These changes must be reversed! They will end in tears and more scandal, as the system is ‘worked’ to yield maximum benefit! Giving them credit cards will definitely be a disaster, if Rotherham’s previous experience of this kind of thing, is repeated in Parliament. Disaster indeed! If the current MPs don’t like it, they know what they can do!

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