MacShane finally gets the message – Labour pushes him out!

MacShane - Arrogant, Greedy, Unrepentant & Cold Shouldered!

I know I’m pretty sad, but watching PMQ’s was rewarded today when MacShane, who has been notable by his absence in recent days, was seen sitting amongst the Nationalists, on the far away benches in the Parliamentary Universe, reserved for the minority parties and outcasts such as him!

At long last, the labour whips must have acted and had a word with him about pretending to still be a labour MP. They must have been very strong words, as Denis has a hide as thick as a rhinoceros!

He cut a lonely figure without being able to insert himself on the labour benches. Let’s hope he now realises the disgrace he in. He should cease making his usual incontinent flow of pious pronouncements, until his police investigation is completed and the results known, followed by the reactivated parliamentary investigation and it’s completion.

MacShane is in very deep trouble therefore and it will be a long time before there is the remotest chance of his rehabilitation. A period of silence and contemplation from Denis is now required. He should reflect on the true nature of his behaviour, the seriousness of his situation and demonstrate a little humility. I realise that this is asking a lot from Denis, but I am sure he really should try, at least the silence bit, it would do us all good!

My conclusion? It might well be best for all of us, but especially for MacShane himself in the long run, were he to apply for an ‘office of profit under the Crown’ and go! Now!

We have heard about the first rumblings of a campaign to rid Rotherham of their disgraced and embarrassing Member of Parliament. Further report on this when the situation becomes clearer.


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