MacShane – Do the Tories know something we don’t?

Jackie Whiteley

In a very surprising move Rotherham Tories have selected their proposed candidate for the Rotherham Constituency, despite the next General Election being four years away. Could it be that they know something we don’t? An upcoming by-election for Rotherham, perhaps?

Denis MacShane, the currently disgraced, Member for Rotherham. Was elected as Labour, now sits as Independent, after being ejected from the Party when news of the Metropolitan Police investigation into his parliamentary expenses broke on the 14th Oct last year.

This egregiously arrogant and at the very least, greedy MP, looks to be in serious trouble and a by-election must be a distinct possibility sometime later this year.

Jackie Whiteley fought the seat at last years General Election for the Tories and came second with a creditable 16.7% vote share, has been selected as prospective parliamentary candidate. Is this further evidence of expectation of MacShane’s comeuppance to come?

When? We wonder, will Labour do the same given that they do not yet have a candidate themselves?

I hear that the Rotherham Independents may be looking for a ‘standard bearer’ should this by-election be called – watch this space.

News update – Rotherham’s Independents are inviting applications to be PPC for the next time this seat is fought, anyone interested should contact Peter Thirlwall in the first instance.

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1 thought on “MacShane – Do the Tories know something we don’t?

    EyeSpyMP tweet 8:07 PM Mar 28th:

    “Denis MacShane going apes*** outside Cromwell entrance. Pushes police aside and storms in.”
    What’s eating Denis today? We wonder?


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