MacShanes Interests 3 – European Policy Institute

The European Policy Institute has little evidence of activity. References to it are few and far between on the web, so no fancy logos to show you, nor even a website link.

According to accounts “In 1992, he (MacShane) founded the European Policy Institute, and served as it’s Director until 1994, when he was elected MP for Rotherham. The register of members’ interests, shows that he remained an “Associate Director” until 2002. His brother, Edmund Matyjazek, a poet and Headmaster ‘administrates’ it apparently! Nothing like keeping it in the family!

MacShane himself has given two accounts.  When first contacted he said;

“It is no secret that I do more work for Europe than any other MP, and people connected with the institute help me with that.”

Later texting a fuller explanation, which read;

“The EPI was set up 20 years ago by a network of people on the Left working in Europe and the US. It has organised conferences and published books and reports.

‘Ed is my brother, but simply administrates it. The claims refer to work in connection with my well-known Parliamentary activity on European and global politics. When I stopped being Europe Minister, I used the EPI to claim for research and translation relating to my work as an MP on European politics.”

The ‘EPI receipt’ that the parliamentary authorities found as acceptable evidence and paid him twelve times, varying amounts, to the tune of over £8,000, quite incredible!

Even allowing for what may be lurking under the redacted, blanked out, sections, it appears somewhat deficient, in the evidence department, as proof of actual expenditure.

There is no evidence that any organisation with the name EPI has ever traded in any field, so how come they can supply research and translation on any commercial basis?

It should be a simple matter for the truth to be established. Bank accounts and records of the EPI and MacShane himself should clear this up in no time. We deserve the truth and the answer to a simple question, were these transactions real or are they evidence of a  simpler or less sophisticated version of the ‘Devine printers receipt scam’ that got Jim Devine 16 months recently?


  1. Denis Macshane and the ‘European Policy Institute’- ‘scooping’ British taxpayers’ money – Neil Clark Blog.
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  3. The Culture of Impunity, NATO Style – The Global Realm, author Diana Johnstone. Published on counterpunch first here.
  4. If this is analysis of Anti-Semitic tropes in contemporary media, I want my £20,000 back. published on D-squared Digest.
  5. + + + Denis MacShane Kicked Out of the Labour Party + + + Guido Fawkes asks important questions, and brings us the, now infamous, ‘ EPI receipt.
  6. Former Labour Minister’s £8,000 cash for his poet brother’s ‘translation services’ Mail 20th June 2009.
  7. In case you missed it – Guido Fawkes’ thoughts on MacShane in a tweet, Every time I see @DenisMacShane on TV I ask myself, “Why isn’t he in jail yet?”

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