Whistleblower – exposes councillors abuse of his wife’s disabled blue badge!

At Rotherham Politics we receive information from anonymous sources on a regular basis. All are gratefully received and investigated.

I share with you the contents of a recent example:

“A councillor has been caught using his wife’s blue badge when she was not present. In normal circumstances if he was a member of the public he would have been prosecuted. A cover up has been staged. Suddenly the legal order is flawed and no further action will be taken. If that’s the case what about the poor sods who have been to court and now have a criminal record. How many are there? How much has the council asked for and received in costs which it now admits it’s not entitled to? What’s being done to remove those records and there consequences? Such as; if they applied for a visa for a holiday to the USA it could be denied, job prospects are affected as they are now not of good character and there’s no chance of getting a loan once they admit to a criminal record. Will the council be taking these back to court to get the convictions overturned? will the council pay back the fines these people first got when a fine was issued? What about all the others who have been fined over the years using the same false order? Will the council be giving duly entitled refunds?”

This situation requires open and honest answers from the council. If true? It is an outrage! Anyone who can shed further light on this I would be grateful if you would contact me. Complete discretion can be assured for those in vulnerable situations.

Peter Thirlwall


1 thought on “Whistleblower – exposes councillors abuse of his wife’s disabled blue badge!

  1. i think someone should look into G smiths accounts IE:expences im sure they will find lots of very interesting facts lolol these people think that ordinary people are stupid signed enonymous


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