MacShane’s Interests 6 – Labour Friends of Israel

Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) is one of the most popular Parliamentary groups and has extensive membership amongst MPs and Members of the Lords as well as having membership within the  Labour Party generally.

Formed during the 1957 Labour Party conference at a fringe event, this lobby group has grown to be one of, if not, the largest special interest groups operating today. It organises and has influence at all levels of Labour Party organisation.

This particular lobby group is part of an interwoven group of lobbyists, bogus Institutes, think tanks,  educational endeavours and uncritical proselytisers for Israel. Quite an industry has developed around the twin themes of antisemitism and defending Israel almost no matter what it does. MacShane operates widely in both these arenas. Corresponding organisations to LFI exist in the other main political parties.Conservative Friends of Israel, Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel, Northern Ireland Friends of Israel, European Friends of Israel, Friends of Israel Initiative.

Why are Israel supporting groups in our political parties so well patronised. Those who speculate on this frequently point to the fact that they are unusually well financed! Need I say more?

Where does Denis fit in? Currently reported to be a member of  the Policy Council of Labour Friends of Israel, not just a mere footsoldier then! Here is a list of those also involved, it makes for interesting reading!

Director: Luciana Berger MP

Chair: Andrew Gwynne MP

Vice Chairs: Andrew Dismore MP, Louise Ellman MP and Glenis Willmott MEP.

Policy Council: Rt Hon Stephen Byers MP, Rt Hon Derek Foster MP, Rt Hon George Foulkes MSP, Jane Kennedy MP, Rt Hon Paul Murphy MP, Rt Hon Don Touhig MP and Denis MacShane MP. House of Lords Chair was Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale.

Members: David Abrahams, Lord Archer of Sandwell, Sir Stuart Bell MP, Tony Blair former MP and Prime Minister, Lord Janner of Braunstone Q.C. Former MP for Leicester West, Former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews & Current Chair of the British Israel Parliamentary Group. David Blunkett MP, Gordon Brown MP, Chris Bryant MP, Stephen Byers former MP, Wayne David MP, Mike Gapes MP – former Vice Chair of LFI (2004), Anthony Greenwood MP, first Chair of LFI (1957), Fabian Hamilton MP, Joan Humble MP, Baroness Hayman, Barbara Keeley MP, Ivan Lewis MP, former Vice Chair of LFI,  Lord Macdonald of Tradeston, Jonathan Mendelsohn – former Chair of LFI (2002), Alun Michael MP, Andrew Miller MP, Jim Murphy MP – former Chair of LFI (2001), Dan Norris former MP, Nick Palmer MPJames Purnell former Chair of LFI, MP, Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale, John Reid former MP, Terry Rooney MP,
Siôn Simon MP, Dari Taylor MP, Gary Titley MP, Lord Winston, Iain Wright MP, former Chair of LFI (2006), Lord Young of Norwood Green.

4 thoughts on “MacShane’s Interests 6 – Labour Friends of Israel

  1. Wow, talk about desperately trying to make a story and a headline out of a nonentity … for goodness sake … is anyone in Rotherham, or the world in general, actually interested in what MacShane does or says?

    Maybe if he was some highly respected figure, professor, author or academic, then maybe he may have a chance of being taken seriously by Rotherham folk … I’ve no time at all for these type of Labour-imposed Parachute Champions who refuse to live in the town they say they represent … they’re just passengers on the Westminster Gravy Train … whereas my MP, John Healey, actually lives in Rotherham, and is seen locally about his constituency and is just so so much more in touch … and therefore highly respected by me … and thus can expect my loyalty and vote in return …


    • Don,
      You may not be interested in Denis MacShane’s activities but posts always prove to be very popular amongst visitors to this blog.
      Any internet search specifying MacShane as a search term brings up links to a significant number of critics who don’t hold back with their trenchant criticism for the single most irritating politician sitting in Parliament today! With a bit of luck not for much longer.
      Can’t forget about Guido Fawkes’ thoughts on MacShane in a tweet, Every time I see @DenisMacShane on TV I ask myself, “Why isn’t he in jail yet?”
      Agree wholeheartedly with your comments re John Healey and he is my MP too!


  2. Don,
    I am very interested in the activities of Denis Macshane as I am with any other politician who chooses to spend tax payer’s money recklessly and with little thought for the people they purport to represent. This I believe, is one of your “pet hates” about Rotherham Borough Council.
    John Healey is not my MP but it doesn’t stop me from being interested in his financial activities concerning the public. My MP Kevin Barron has not been without scrutiny on his spending habits by myself, as you well know.
    Voice your own opinion Don, but don’t speak for the whole of Rotherham. We do not all follow your preachings to the letter.
    Congrats rothpol on this site and on keeping those who want to be, informed .


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