Bloggers and super-injunctions?

I am no lawyer, but anyone could be in danger of inadvertently breaking the terms of a super-injunction, without being aware that the super-injunction exists?

Because the Judges, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that no one may know even of the existence of the super-injunction, it is therefore impossible to respect the terms of it!

Am I the only one to find this invidious situation, absolutely absurd? Or should I up the dose of my tablets?

1 thought on “Bloggers and super-injunctions?

  1. Never any harm in upping the tablets, I believe …
    However, yes it is absurd.
    No doubt there won’t be an option to plead “not guilty” on the basis of ignorance of the law/injunction. It’s a mad, world – and getting madder. Maybe the upcoming elections will bring back some sanity ?
    (pass the Prozac, please)


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