Blue Badge Abusing Councillor – Fresh Insights!

Tales from the Town Hall brings us fresh insight into this rather murky little affair with their recent posting of this story entitled, “Red Faces Over Blue Badge Mystery.”

Readers should especially note the sentence, “The Council is warning that lawyers could intervene to stop the rumours!” A bit like King Canute ordering the tide not to come in, I would have thought?

Wherever council officers gather, for coffee or a gossip round the photocopier for example, you can be sure that this will be topic number one on the bush telegraph and it is entirely possible that by close of play on the first day back everyone will know the identity of this arrogant but rather cowardly man! That is, if they don’t already know?

The councillor involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves not only for  abusing the Blue Badge in the first place but for hiding the truth from us by obliging officers to mount a cover up!

The sheer effrontery of this loathsome individual deserves nothing but contempt from the people of this long suffering Town. His actions are positively outrageous from someone who purports to be a ‘public servant!’ The fact that he still seems to be under the protection of ‘Labour Group’ just adds to the outrage!

He should do the only decent thing in the circumstances, fess up and resign his seat! NOW! By his own actions he amply demonstrates his unsuitability for public office of any kind.

6 thoughts on “Blue Badge Abusing Councillor – Fresh Insights!

  1. So, Rotherham Politics, from your use of the specific gender term “he” and “his”, is it safe to assume that it’s not a female Elected Member to whom you are alluding? 🙂


  2. Hi Rotherham Politics, yeah I note your gender confirmation, but shouldn’t you preface your statement with “allegedly using”, or has the issue been confirmed beyond reasonable and legal doubt?

    Just a thought, ya know, in the interests of natural justice.


    • Maybe Don, I need to start a section called pedants corner, perhaps? I was replying only on the issue of gender and quoting the original whistleblower source.
      As for the legal status of these allegations, they are indeed that. But it is interesting to note that at no time have these allegations been denied when they have had plenty of opportunity to do so. Not legal confirmation perhaps, but does lend weight and credibility to them.
      I do not propose engaging in a process leading to the eventual identification of this individual by exclusion.


      • Hi Rik, a Pedant’s Corner seems like a good idea to me as I’d help populate it … but it ain’t my website so decision lies elsewhere.

        I agree that everyone’s had ample opportunity to deny or even indeed challenge these serious allegations …

        Best Wishes to all on this happy day for the UK and our Royal Family


  3. Anyone with the urge to tell a story or make their own point and have it published here on Rotherham Politics is welcome to make a contribution.
    Just email it to me using the email address,
    It would be helpful if you enclose copies of any evidence you cite. Please indicate clearly the name you would like it to be published under along with it.


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