Progressonline publishes diatribe from Denis MacShane!

Progressonline publishes diatribe from Denis MacShane:

Open Europe?


The row over open border Europe is not about bringing back thousands of frontier crossing points with queues snaking along the French coast or down from the Mont Blanc tunnel as holidaymakers wait for hours to have their cars searched for dark-skinned passengers before being allowed to drive to their preferred …read on.

Denis MacShane MP is MP for Rotherham and a former minister for Europe

14 May 2011 10:00

Tags used:

BNP Denis MacShane Europe European Parliament France immigration Ireland Italy Marine le Pen Olympics Policy Network Tunisia UKIP

This list of Tags which are recognised by search engines is very illuminating indeed! No wonder MacShane is ubiquitous on the web! Still jumping on bandwagons it would seem!

2 thoughts on “Progressonline publishes diatribe from Denis MacShane!

  1. I have often wondered why serious organisations bother with MacShane at the moment. Do they not realise he is currently in disgrace! What would you call someone subject to an ongoing police investigation, a Parliamentary Standards investigation currently suspended and has had the Parliamentary Labour Party Whip suspended too boot! I am definitely of the opinion that any utterance from this disgraceful and greedy MP is valueless until his reputation has been rehabilitated! Nuff said!


  2. Thanks for your comment. Agree with Accidental Anarchist 100%, who could possibly disagree? Especially after the going over for his expenses claims in the Advertiser! We have yet to make our contribution to the scrutiny and debate on these claims! Haven’t had time to put them on a spreadsheet yet, been busy on other matters still to hit the headlines.


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