Peter Thirlwall asks important new questions of Denis MacShane?

The Advertiser article on the expenses probe into Denis MacShane MP. (Pub 13/5/2011) was very illuminating. Not carried online! pity!

It would appear, from his expense claims and interests declaration, that Denis is now renting his London second home and claiming the expense of doing so, back from the Taxpayer. Simultaneously letting out his last ‘second home,’ we already bought him, and receives rental income from it!

Following the Parliamentary expenses scandal, Parliament altered the rules to phase out the practice of MPs claiming back their mortgage interest payments. Some unscrupulous MPs however are now exploiting a loophole in the rules to rent out the properties bought by us, the taxpayer, and pocketing the rent money. They are then renting another property and then claiming this rent back from the taxpayer, under second home rules. Although this is technically allowed, it is clearly offends against the intention and spirit of the rules.

Denis MacShane is clearly an exceptionally greedy person and arrogant beyond belief, if he thinks this grubby ruse, is in any way acceptable! It is not!

I would ask Denis MacShane: What he has done with the property that we bought for him? How much rental income does he receive? When is he going to sell it and does he intend to follow Nick Clegg’s recent example, returning all the profit to the public purse?

We should all demand these answers from MacShane!

Peter Thirlwall

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