Rotherham Advertiser – best edition for ages, why?

Yesterdays Advertiser, which I read from cover to cover as usual, was somehow a more pleasurable and satisfying experience.

What was the reason? Was it the heart rending public interest story, that made it to the front page? Or the excellent leader about injunctions and privacy, or even the latest salvo’s from the politicos on the letters pages?

It was much simpler than that! When It dawned on me what was missing I couldn’t help the wry smile that I still have on my face as I write this. The Advertiser has to be heartily congratulated for delivering a completely MacShane free week!! Heaven!!!

Progressonline publishes diatribe from Denis MacShane!

Progressonline publishes diatribe from Denis MacShane:

Open Europe?


The row over open border Europe is not about bringing back thousands of frontier crossing points with queues snaking along the French coast or down from the Mont Blanc tunnel as holidaymakers wait for hours to have their cars searched for dark-skinned passengers before being allowed to drive to their preferred …read on.

Denis MacShane MP is MP for Rotherham and a former minister for Europe

14 May 2011 10:00

Tags used:

BNP Denis MacShane Europe European Parliament France immigration Ireland Italy Marine le Pen Olympics Policy Network Tunisia UKIP

This list of Tags which are recognised by search engines is very illuminating indeed! No wonder MacShane is ubiquitous on the web! Still jumping on bandwagons it would seem!

Elliot Morley Sentenced – 16 Months!

Elliot Morley made history today when appearing for sentencing as the first former Minister to be sent to jail. His sentence? The surprisingly lenient term of 16 months!

Morley, former environment minister 2003-06, pleaded guilty last month to claiming more than £30,000 in bogus mortgage payments.

He fraudulently completed a total of 40 separate forms relating to payments for his home.

He claimed £16,800 on a phantom mortgage and £15,200 after inflating the amount he was previously paying, he should have been entitled to only £1,572.

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Blue badge abusing councillor should fess up and resign his seat! NOW!

When the scandal of ‘blue badge abuse’ by a councillor first emerged, it seemed no more than a symptom of casual labour arrogance. As this sorry tale was investigated it revealed much of the control structure, routinely used to keep information, the public has a right to know, from them. The gravity of this issue is of the utmost seriousness as it appears to involve multiple breaches of both Officers and Councillors Codes of Conduct. It has also become apparent that this type of cover up is evidence of a deeper cultural malaise within RMBC that cannot go unchallenged!

One of the other main problems in establishing the identity of the abuser was that this form of abuse has been widespread in the past, and information can be difficult to verify. One particularly egregious example that turned up, was the councillor who blatantly used his wife’s blue badge whilst he visited the Town Hall, even though she was occupying a bed in Rotherham District General Hospital at the time! Although interesting, it proved to be a diversion in this case.

Tales From the Town Hall, revealed that a great deal of effort had gone in to protecting the identity of the abuser, with vague threats of some form of legal action involving the Freedom of Information Act! So much effort, so much officers time has been expended on this futile cover up! Attempting to use the FOI as the means for enforcing a cover up is quite extraordinary and possibly a novel approach.

From a previous post: “The councillor involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, not only for  abusing the Blue Badge in the first place, but for hiding the truth from us by obliging officers to mount a cover up!

The sheer effrontery of this loathsome individual deserves nothing but contempt from the people of this long suffering Town. His actions are positively outrageous from someone who purports to be a ‘public servant!’ The fact that he still seems to be under the protection of ‘Labour Group’ and Senior Officers, just adds to the outrage!

He should do the only decent thing in the circumstances. fess up and resign his seat! NOW! By his own actions he amply demonstrates his unsuitability for public office of any kind.”

Like Watergate, the cover up is what catches up with you in the end! Had this councillor admitted his mistake in the first place, he would no doubt have been embarrassed, but would probably have ultimately survived. That option is no longer available to him! Once exposed he will have to go! Local people will demand nothing less!

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David Laws – police investigation launched!

Thomas Docherty

Labour MP, Thomas Docherty, has announced that his complaint concerning David Laws is now the subject of an active police investigation!

He has made the following statement;

“The Met have confirmed to me that they will be carrying out an investigation into Mr Laws in the light of the complaint that I made and the evidence they have received from the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner’s inquiry published last week.”

This has now suddenly got very serious for Laws and may be ultimately career ending, depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Liberals in deep trouble are a bit like buses, two come along at once or is it a case of buy one get one free!

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Election of Borough Councillors for Maltby

The results are in and Christine Beaumont (Labour) has been duly elected for Maltby with 1881 votes.
Michaek Burke (BNP) 388 votes, John Kirk (Ind) 370, Derek Johnson (Con) 322 and Michael Conlon 215 votes.
A turnout of only 35.7% speaks for itself at the interest/apathy coming from Maltby. Interesting that BNP have more votes than Con or Ind. This shows either that the BNP have more supporters who want to see their policies implemented, or that those who have little faith in the current majority want something “different”. I tend to think it’s the latter.
Maltby Town Councillor Jenny Andrews(Labour) has been elected as RMBC councillor for Hellaby. Mrs Andrews has previously been Chair of MTC. She has also previously classed herself as Labour, then Independent, now apparently Labour again. A bit better turnout out at Hellaby with 42.67%.
Results of the election to Maltby Town Council on a further post.