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Representing the town, the people … or something else ?

Update on Rotherham Borough Councillors representing Maltby : (from RMBC website) Councillor Amy Rushforth Ward : Maltby  Party : Labour Biography : Councillor Rushforth has been a member of the Council since 2000 and is currently Cabinet Member for Lifelong Learning … Continue reading

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Have your say about Rotherham Advertiser

Are you tired of   ’lazy journalism’ ? Fed up of reading pieces lifted directly from press releases provided by the subject  in question? Longing for a ‘MacShane free week’ ? Bored of seeing the same old stories from the same … Continue reading

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To Kevin Hall, Editor of Maltby News (defamation of character IS an offence)

Dear Kevin Hall : Editor Maltby News, I am sure that you will not print this letter in the Maltby News paper as you have made it clear that you do not give your readers the right to reply unless … Continue reading

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Lyn Brown another Labour hypocrite!

Labour MP Lyn Brown proudly says this on her website: “Since her election in 2005, Lyn has campaigned tirelessly for a Living Wage for all” But puts our a job advert that says this: “An intelligent and enthusiastic volunteer worker … Continue reading

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Just when you think the Greenbelt is finally safe – further threats emerge!

One of the first subjects to be examined on Rotherham Politics was the outrageous attack on Rotherham’s green spaces occasioned by the, then, Labour governments policies with unintended and unwelcome consequences. John Healey was the Minister in charge of this … Continue reading

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Jacob Rees Mogg – New to twitter, is he making a twit of himself?

Jake Rees-Mogg MP @JakeReesMogg De omnibus dubitandum est. My translation, my Latin is rusty, doubt everything, would be a close approximation. Definitely a good candidate for any upper class twit of the year competition, don’t you just love this idiot! … Continue reading

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Welcome to termite

When I informed readers about the secure email service Hushmail on the RikiLeaks page, that could be used to communicate with us anonymously, little did I expect it to flush out a new blog contributor, termite! We welcome termite to … Continue reading

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