Advertiser delivers MacShane free week! Or does it?

This story has been updated with new information, click here.

A week after the Rotherham Advertiser published, not one, but two, puff pieces lifted directly from press releases provided to them by MacShane himself, a good example of lazy journalism, if ever you needed one, we were treated, last Friday to our absolute delight, an apparently, MacShane free week!

The Advertiser should be congratulated by all who know that MacShane is in disgrace!** His opinions and views should count for nothing and should not appear, at least uncritically, until this disgrace is lifted. MacShane free weeks should be the order of the day, rather than the exception!

Or is there a ‘stealth contribution’ from MacShane?

Close textual analysis of letters published in the Advertiser under the name, PJ Cawkwell from Conisborough, Doncaster, show a distinct similarity to communications made by Denis MacShane, especially twitter! PJ Cawkwell, we have been told is a friend of Denis, so it is entirely possible that authorship is misrepresented here.*** Also read update here


Notes: **He has refused to answer the many questions put to him. When he had the opportunity to answer his critics last year, what did Denis do? He ran away! Cowardice, can therefore be added to the lengthy list of MacShane’s shortcomings.

He is currently under investigation by the Metropolitan Police for his claims, read the MacShane files here. He is suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party and currently persona non grata on the Labour benches. The Parliamentary Authorities have a suspended investigation that uncovered the abuse in the first place and called in the police which was unprecedented for an Ex-Minister and Privy Councillor!

*** Denis has form for this, as students of MacShane already know! At least Lord Ahmed gained some credibility refusing to act as pretend author of a diatribe written by Denis before a rather naive and gormless asian muslim backbencher was persuaded by Denis and much embarrassment ensued for them both!

New and completely fresh problems have emerged with his expenses claims, discovered by Peter Thirlwall and now being examined by Police and Parliamentary Authorities after being missed by everyone until now! All thanks to spreadsheets, aren’t they wonderful? We will be reporting on this fresh discovery, soonest!

Guido Fawkes

@GuidoFawkes Guido Fawkes
Every time I see @DenisMacShane on TV I ask myself, “Why isn’t he in jail yet?”

4 thoughts on “Advertiser delivers MacShane free week! Or does it?

  1. God! the last thing MacShane needs is intellectual assistance from the Conisbrough Canary.
    What I can’t understand though, is why the Conisbrough Canary should interest himself in Rotherham politics – maybe he’s another one that doesn’t quite understand the political geography of the lower Don corridor!!!


  2. Thanks for your comment. ‘Conisborough Canary’ I like that, a lot. It is very interesting to note that Denis MacShane can no longer get a letter of support from within the membership of Rotherham Constituency Labour Party and has to use the services of the ‘Conisborough Canary’ to get any supportive letters at all! Do Rotherham Labour members know something we don’t? Or have they had enough of him as well!


  3. Hello – it does appear I have been branded a canary without any indication to myself so I could mount a defence…but as I have stumbled across this page quite by accident and seeing as I’m quite popular, I will explain a few things. I have never met Dr MacShane, I am a member of the Labour Party but that doesn’t give me the rite of passage to be Dr MacShane’s sidekick. I worked in Rotherham town centre for over seven years, I have a deep and vested interest in Rotherham, my parents and most of my relatives live their so I consider myself quite qualified to comment on issues affecting Rotherham.

    I have spoken to the author of the blog who informs me that two people have told him I am a friend of Dr Macshane and he published this in good faith. I accepted his apology and he assures me that he will now correct that posting. What I would like to know is, the person who is spreading lies about me without my knowledge, are they to Jelly Fish like to stand up and be counted? Are they to ashamed of the lies they have spoken to come out with it and explain why they made such a statement? It would appear they are. I have never had any communication from anyone on this matter seeking to clarify my relationship with Dr MacShane.


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