Exclusive – MacShane’s magic calculator!

In a posting on the 14th June, we brought you news of developments in the MacShane expenses scandal when we published the following extract:

“New and completely fresh problems have emerged with his expenses claims, discovered by Peter Thirlwall and now being examined by Police and Parliamentary Authorities after being missed by everyone until now!”

From: Advertiser delivers MacShane free week! Or does it?

Peter Thirlwall, trying to make sense of MacShane’s expenses, entered the details on a spreadsheet. What became immediately apparent to Peter, was the discrepancy between the totals in each claim and the total claimed by MacShane, to the tune of £250 extra, month after month! Then an eagle eyed employee identified the error which had lain undiscovered for many months and adjusted his claim accordingly. Reducing the sum paid by £250 without apparent complaint from Denis.

Denis, the very next month and every month thereafter, again picked up his magic calculator** and claimed an extra £250 per month even though the error had been unequivocally demonstrated to MacShane the previous month! It would be difficult to explain this, without using the words, fraud, systematic and calculated, in the same sentence, it would appear!

By our reckoning Denis netted at least £3,000, by means of this little ‘accidental’ error!

When will this disgraced, greedy, dishonest and frankly embarrassing, Member of Parliament for Rotherham, realise that he must go!

Everyone here, made up their minds about that, a long time ago. The lack of evidence of support from within Rotherham Labour Party or it’s members, speaks volumes. Where are the letters of support in the Advertiser? There have been none, need we say more!

** Denis’s magic calculator adds an extra £250 to a column of figures when claiming his expenses it would appear.

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