PJ Cawkwell clarification and apology

Just got off the phone to Patrick Cawkwell, who is revealed to be the letter writer, PJ Cawkwell himself.

Patrick is not in fact a friend of Denis MacShane and he confirms that he was definitely the author of the letters mentioned in the post entitled; Advertiser delivers MacShane free week! Or does it?. So I would like to apologise to Patrick for my misunderstanding of the facts and for any upset caused.

Patrick turns out to an idealistic young man of 26, and a Labour Party member with a refreshingly open approach. I must say that I personally enjoyed my conversation with Patrick and I am gratified that he is making good use of the comments section to leave his observations.

Notes: Extract from About Rotherham Politics:

“The purpose of this web site is to contribute to the effective scrutiny of elected representatives that represent us at all levels of the democratic process.

The approach is to be objective, if necessary, critical but fair. I will at times be blunt and controversial to stimulate discussion.

I am not responsible for the views of contributors, nor for the content that this site links to. Simple abuse is not acceptable and will be removed.

Should you feel I have failed in this please contact me and I will consider your views. I reserve the right to publish all correspondence when a correction/or completion is required.”

I very much hope that this instance demonstrates our commitment to accuracy.


3 thoughts on “PJ Cawkwell clarification and apology

  1. That’s very good of you to say so Sir, I’m good looking as well but that’s another story!

    What is clear to me is that Rotherham is a great place…but we can make it better. I volunteer to this end as a Streetpride Champion and have seen some fairly good success stories.

    I would certainly say that no organisation, political or otherwise, is a well oiled machine with no frictions or issues etc, of course the Labour Group of Rotherham is no different. However, its here for the people of Rotherham, as a Local Political Party and as the Opposition to the current Coalition…there will be, simply by law of averages, some people within the Labour Group of Rotherham who could do better, or shouldn’t have said that, or maybe could do this better or could spend more time doing this…on the whole I think the people appreciate the work Labour does with the tight budgets it has to work with.

    I’m not a spokesperson which means I can speak freely…which I have always done.


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