MacShane expenses scandal – blames dead daughter for ‘mistake’, how low can he stoop?

MPs expenses: former Labour minister faces new expenses investigation

Police investigating the expenses of the former Labour minister Denis MacShane have been handed fresh evidence that he over-claimed thousands of pounds for his second home, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Labour minister Denis MacShane

Labour minister Denis MacShane Photo: PAUL GROVER

By Heidi Blake

7:15AM BST 21 Jun 2011

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Detectives are scrutinising documents passed to them by a former political rival of the Rotherham MP after the House of Commons authorities failed to spot a glaring error in the amounts he was paid. Read on.

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Read The MacShane files.

5 thoughts on “MacShane expenses scandal – blames dead daughter for ‘mistake’, how low can he stoop?

  1. This guy is quite incredible, is he not? This arrogant prig must be made to suffer the full consequences of his own actions, simply paying the money back, that he obtained by deception, does not cut it in my book.
    This greedy, dishonest politician must go! Sooner rather than later.


  2. I think rotherhamtermite is absolutely right, however there is of course a well established precedent whereby any local politician found to have ‘inadvertently’ claimed for something he shouldn’t have, is given the option of simply re-paying the dosh and then everything is unky dory!!


  3. Thanks for the comments. I agree with all contributors, after all, how could anyone who has read the MacShane Files, conclude otherwise? With friends like Denis’s Mate, who needs enemies?


  4. Isn’t it funny that whenever an MP makes a mistake they have always over claimed and never under claimed.
    Have a look at the comments on the Daily Telegraph Website to see how despised this man really is.
    He surely must go to jail.


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