Pickles on bloggers from ConservativeHome

“New technology – particularly social media – means new opportunities to scrutinise councils; while the growing interest in citizen journalism and blogging means more people wanting to hold their council to account. It’s important that we keep pace with these new developments. So it’s disappointing that some council officers seem stuck in the analogue age: with some banning videoing, tweeting or live blogging.”

Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. From ConservativeHome.

Open council meetings to bloggers, urges Eric Pickles

2 thoughts on “Pickles on bloggers from ConservativeHome

  1. Pickles might not cut the most attractive of figures, but you can’t help thinking “Yeah, Eric’s got a really good point there”.
    As for the council officers he’s referring to, they are allways the most senior ones who are very keen to perpetuate the status quo i.e. they’re paid eye-watering salaries and the last thing they want is for everyone to know that about it, furthermore, they don’t want the public to know what a crap job they’re doing.


  2. Would have been nice to have footage of Peter Thirlwall being escorted from the Council Chamber by the Police or of Tony Mannion being unconstitutionally silenced at May’s Council Meeting! Moral of this, take your mobile and record some footage then send it to me for wider circulation, termite@hushmail.com.


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