More illegal action against Carmarthenshire blogger!

“Carmarthenshire County Council’s Chief Executive, Head of Law and Head of Resources now have delegated powers to commence and fund (with taxpayers money) libel proceedings against the public and the press on behalf of themselves and other officers. The council as a governing body, has now enabled itself to bring and fund illegal libel actions under the cloak of a private claimant. This is the only council in the UK to have granted themselves these powers. This is unlawful, open to abuse, a threat to free speech and a grave misuse of taxpayers money.” Pinched from Carmarthenshire Planning Problems and more.

This approach from a public body is quite outrageous, illegal and just plain wrong in a democracy. Free speech under attack indeed!

Bloggers who receive this kind of treatment are advised to refer to Arkell vs Pressdram, in their response.

3 thoughts on “More illegal action against Carmarthenshire blogger!

  1. In Rotherham’s Stone-age, anything is possible, but even they didn’t come up with this kind of illegal stunt! But there’s plenty of time for Tim Mumford’s replacement to experiment with this I am sure. They after all seem to be getting quite adept at throwing councillors out of meetings. Thirlwall with the over the top involvement of the police and Mannion. When, one wonders, will they start on the public?


  2. Well the public are just a waitin in the grass, like a hungry tiger ready to pounce … iffen the Town Hall Towers muppets have the plums to give this madness a try … bring it on please … and let the fun begin … 🙂


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