Crackdown on Blue Badge Abuse begins – Outrage when Blue Badge Abusing Councillor still being protected!

The Yorkshire Post brought us news of a fresh clampdown on Blue Badge Cheats in Rotherham!

Clampdown on parking fraudsters

Published on Wednesday 27 May 2009 11:05

DRIVERS who use disabled parking badges when they are not entitled will have their car towed away in a new crackdown being planned by a South Yorkshire council.

Blue badges are issued by local authorities to people with a disability to allow them to park on the street or use designated disabled parking bays in car parks.

But the system is open to abuse, with some badges being “borrowed” by able-bodied family members who flout the parking regulations. Others are stolen, rented out or copied.

A recent survey in Rotherham among blue badge holders revealed that 95 per cent of them would support more harsh sanctions for those caught playing the system. Read on…

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the Blue Badge Abuse Scandal, previous posts can be viewed here if you want the full story. They will understand that a Rotherham Borough councillor was caught red handed using his wife’s Blue Badge and has obliged colleagues and officers to mount a ‘cover up’ to prevent his name being made public.

This blog has recommended to this miscreant that he should ‘fess up’ himself and emerge from this sorry tale with at least some honour and credibility left. He has signally failed to heed this advice and seems to want to cower from the truth, hiding his identity behind Labour Group and a few senior officers, has he no shame one wonders?

14 thoughts on “Crackdown on Blue Badge Abuse begins – Outrage when Blue Badge Abusing Councillor still being protected!

  1. Absolutely , rothpol !
    Perhaps if the councillor in question had owned up to his wrong doing a lot earlier, his credibility as a councillor may, just may have been salvaged.

    Too late now for that. He should resign.


  2. The new scheme is an excellent extension of tough measures already being taken by RMBC to clamp down on abuse of blue badges.

    However, in order for the scheme to have the full confidence of the people from Rotherham and South Yorkshire as a whole, I do not think this can work until the matter about the Cllr using a blue badge which wasn’t his to use has been addressed and dealt with.

    Speaking from a purely logistical point of view…how can the new scheme go ahead when one of the cogs in the wheel has had doubt cast over its integrity.


    • Dear Patrick,

      Bravo Sir, with your posting, which is a brave lambasting of the Muppets at Town Hall Towers.

      Your point is very valid re: “one of the hogs has had doubt cast over its integrity” is well-made, and is something that the Dodger and the Corn-Fed Hogs should take to heart, but will they?

      More like they’ll take refuge in the back of the sty and only come out when it’s junketing time … come on grunters, it’s snap time, come now, there’s a banquet to be had, grunt, grunt, grunt 🙂


  3. COGS, not hogs! Oh dear, and I have been corrected on my grammer…I was basically making the point that the logic of the new scheme is put into doubt when one of the strands of such scheme – a Cllr – has doubt over his or her use of a blue badge.

    I’m sure that rather simple point will make sense to a lot of people.

    I would urge the Cllr involved in this alleged incident to consider his or her position carefully and make a clean breast of it. If s/he has done nothing wrong – and therefore claims this is the case or its proved then you will see me asking for the evidence to be made available so we can all consider if any reasonable person would have come to the same conclusion as our Rotherham Politics blogger has done. However, on that same token, if the evidence presented by our blogger is strong and points to one definite outcome then I would hope action is taken to ensure that nobody, elected official or not, can abuse something which is meant for people like my mother and my cousin…who do suffer genuine hardship and deserve every assistance they can get.

    On another point, I see Civil Enforcement Officers out and about from 0800hrs most mornings in the town centre…very keen staff who are doing there best to make Rotherham the best place it can be. Three cheers for them!


    • It’s always the cover up that ends up causing the problem! I usually find. This ‘blue badge abuser’ should have owned up in the first place, then the cover up would not have been necessary nor would it have landed so many people with the headache that will inevitably follow when he is unmasked and the real questions start being asked! Better for him to own up, even at this eleventh hour, than land everyone who covered it up in even hotter water than I suspect, they already are!


  4. Dear Patrick,

    And what do you believe and think would happen if one of those Civil Enforcement Officers came across a situation involving an Elected Member which was a clear example to them of a breach of RMBC regulations, or civil or criminal law, and the matter was fed back up the chain into Town Hall Towers …

    and landed on the lap of an Executive Officer, and then an Elected Cabinet Member … are you seriously expecting me to believe that Justice would take its unblinkered and unswerving course … or would the edge of the carpet get lifted … and a deafening silence descend upon Town Hall Towers …

    and could Enforcement Officers be asked again and again what it was they thought they’d witnessed, and could they have been even so slightly mistaken in their observations … and would they like to reconsider their careers and the reports they’d submitted …

    do you seriously think this has never EVER happened in Rotherham … come on now, hand on heart time … tell me this HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN ROVRUM … purleez tell me this is all a dream … 😦


    • Not perfect? Understatement of the year! RMBC Is an example of the most egregious kind. Donkeys led by donkeys, would seem an apt description to me?
      To come back to the topic of the original post,
      This unspeakable, pusillanimous, deceptive and spineless councillor has hidden behind others, rather than admit his own calumny and endure the approbation that would be his due from the good people of our Town. The truth will, no doubt, eventually become public and when it does……


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