Save Our Green Belt – Local Development Framework consultation, your chance to be heard!

Rotherham Borough Council have started the consultation process on the latest stage of the Local Development Framework consultation.

Rotherham’s green belt is still under attack by our council! If you value Rotherham’s green spaces and don’t want to encroach further on to agricultural land for houses, we probably won’t need. You should contact Simon Collett, , or phone: 07572113034 and view the Save Our Green Belt site.

The council have some work to do, to demonstrate that they will actually listen this time? But I won’t be holding my breath!

Update 9th July: See New battle looming over future of Rotherham green belt. Published as ‘Tiser front page!

6 thoughts on “Save Our Green Belt – Local Development Framework consultation, your chance to be heard!

  1. If anyone engages in telephone conversations with the automatons at Rotherham MBC on this subject, don’t be put off by their stock response i.e. “How do you think other people felt when your house was built?”.
    This is not the point at issue – what the real point is, is the trustworthiness of Rotherham MBC.
    Sites which they had previously designated as ‘greenbelt’ are, according to this crew, no longer worthy of such status, so all of a sudden it’s not greenbelt and so it’s OK to build on it.
    Also, this crew were telling us only two years ago how we needed twenty odd thousand new houses, now all of a sudden we only need half of that amount.
    As I said, complete untrustworthiness, which of course is the result of complete incompetence!


  2. Also, this crew at Rotherham MBC have decided to supposedly consult us over their intentions for land in our area.
    Why is it then, that their consultation venues are only during office hours – surely its not to make it difficult for interested council-tax payers to raise any objections they might have. Yes, y’know, those same council-tax payers who actually pay these freeloaders at RMBC.


  3. Trambuster raises a very important point in terms of access to consultation events. Sham consultation is Rotherham’s way, this appears to be no different! Come on Rotherham council, give us some evening events so that at least we can get there.


  4. Ha ha – I got the “how do you think other people felt when your house was built” default response too. I said “my house was built in 1899 so I would need a medium to find out. How do you think I feel”.
    Great response though ” if you can think of anywhere else we can build you should let the council know”
    And I thought that was his job – silly me.
    Thanks N*** in Forward Planning for making my day. If McDonalds are ever looking for a new clown, I can give you a solid reference.


  5. I’ve just read Mr Stocks letter in the Advertiser “Done deal fear over green belt housing” and as a Ravenfield resident share the same fears as him. I believe that the proposed 400 house developement at LDF0774 off Moor Lane is already a done deal. Why? because It would appear from events regarding planning over the last few years that RMBC are just a bunch of mealy mouths that have no problem contradicting anything they say or put in print. I personally call this trait of continual contradiction a Smithism. True to form, after quite clearly stating that all brownfield sites would be used up first, they are intending to build straight away on a greenfield site. If this isn’t the case why has the civil engineering infrastructure already started to be put in place? Yet another case of telling us one thing and doing the opposite me thinks.


  6. why can they run roughshod over peoples wishes they cant wait to get rid of the travellers living on greenbelt land which they own but there seems to one rule for one and another rule for the constabulery


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