Good week to bury bad news? Healey no longer walks on water!

What with all the media preoccupation with #hackgate some important stories are failing to make it to the public’s attention.

We bring you one of those stories that were nearly missed, concerning the Shadow Health Secretary John Healey, the Member for Wentworth & Dearne.

This Tuesday, John Healey was ordered by the Committee on Standards and Privileges (Chairman Kevin Barron) to apologise to the House.

Healey was found to have abused the postal rules by sending mail for party political purposes using pre-paid envelopes. A very basic error indeed!

John took quite some convincing that he had done anything wrong. At least until this report of the Standards and Privileges Committee issued on Tuesday was published yesterday.

Certainly takes the shine off John Healey’s reputation to discover that he has turned into a reincarnation of his predecessor!

1 thought on “Good week to bury bad news? Healey no longer walks on water!

  1. Pompous, arrogant, contemptuous of others interpretations, sounds all too familiar to me!
    The hubris of power, once experienced, never leaves them, as this example speaks of, so eloquently! Time for him to plug himself back into his constituents views before he looses contact with the real world, outside the Westminster bubble. The recess might provide the perfect opportunity, I would have thought?


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