Chris Read finally comes clean! Took him long enough!

Chris Read’s RMBC profile has been updated, he has bowed to the inevitable and updated his contact details, nearly right! Still doesn’t seem to realise his post town is Mexborough, but a deal more honest than presented previously by this Labour man!

Chris Read Contact Details

2A Church Street,
Swinton, Rotherham, S64 8QA

Tel: 07585 795980 / 01709 570013


Biography, a bit thin? Anyone want to write one?

Read the Chris Read Files

15 thoughts on “Chris Read finally comes clean! Took him long enough!

  1. So, my new councillor has finally remembered where it is he comes from – what a shame he thought it most appropriate to hide the information from the residents of Wickersley and Bramley, during last year’s election.

    Still, at least he’ll now be able to set his Satnav correctly, oh no, er I mean, he’ll be able to know which bus to catch home from the many trips he’ll be making over to his Ward, from the other side of the Borough.


  2. Yawn!

    I catch public transport and it doesn’t affect me in my role as a Community Champion for Rotherham and a Neighbourhood Champion for Doncaster.

    This situation has been blown out of all reasonable proportion…he is a Cllr, elected by your peers, in your area, based on the information supplied by him and his political party to those said individuals.

    Should he have been more clear? Probably. However, his post code was there from day one and quite frankly the absence of ‘Swinton’ from this profile is quite low down as we try and improve Rotherham.


    • Community Champion, Like many who fail to grasp the significance of this address saga, it is in fact quite simple, we are dealing with here and in the Gerald Smith case, with breaches of electoral law.
      Elected politicians who have broken the law should be held properly to account for their wrongdoing!
      We are not dealing with a simple mistake in Chris Read’s less than honest nomination form which stated his address, in an illegally abbreviated form! No simple mistake, this matter was the subject of discussions that certainly involved, in addition to Labour members, Martin Kimber who was Returning Officer, Tim Mumford Chief Legal Officer and Ms Evers the Elections Officer. One might characterise this as a conspiracy therefore, a very serious matter indeed!
      Read the Chris Read Files carefully, the full sorry tale is not yet over!


      • If that was the case then I fully expect you to take your allegations to the police – as a law enforcing authority they should have full sight of the evidence first, one might say, before members of the public unconnected to the case.

        If the Police/CPS decide there is nothing in it, or that evidence is lacking, you may take your case to the IPCC. If they return with the same answer then you could approach your Member of Parliament to ask him/her to look into the case for you in an impartial manner.

        What people are failing to grasp is the burden of proof for different agencies is higher or lower depending on the circumstances. I would ask you to consider this important fact.


  3. “What people are failing to grasp is the burden of proof for different agencies is higher or lower depending on the circumstances. I would ask you to consider this important fact.”

    Could you enlarge on this please, communitychampion ? Which ‘agencies’ in particular are you meaning and how is this burden of proof difference decided upon and by whom ?


    • If you do not know about the different levels of proof required then I would urge you to find this out before commenting again.

      You have failed to heed any advice despite me offering it to you in order to facilitate the aims and objectives of the Rotherham Politics website.


  4. Community Champion, “I fully expect you to take your allegations to the police” We are ahead of you there! Did you think we hadn’t thought of that possibility? This story is far from complete as future developments will show. Watch this space!
    Be interested to learn more about your links with Rotherham, please explain?


    • If you have taken your evidence to the police yet insist on conducting a kangaroo court in a public arena such as this I would advise you to tread very carefully indeed.

      I have spent most of my working life in Rotherham, my relatives live there and I am now, once again, working in the town centre.

      All day, every day, in Rotherham town centre, so I see and hear things that RMBC/SYP are doing and/or not doing but just don’t feel the urge to run home and rant about it. I feel the urge to put things right however. I guess that is where people differ.


      • communitychampion – this is the Rotherham equivalent of the Arab Spring. We’re active and empowered Rotherham citizens who elect politicians to govern us and our town WITH OUR CONSENT, we’re not subjects to be ruled, and as active and empowered citizens we will continue to discuss and share our ideas with anyone who listens as to the quality of the democractic services for which we are billed by community taxation … we have no need whatsoever to “tread carefully”, in fact it’s those we scrutinise and constantly challenge who do feel the effect of our actions who need to “tread carefully” every single step of their way … 🙂


      • I was merely indicating that we hadn’t missed that particular point! Not indicated that we had done so. This is no ‘Kangaroo court’ either but free and open discussion in the ‘court of public opinion’, well some of it anyway!


  5. Sorry chaps but this thread seems like a serious case of sour grapes.

    As someone has already posted, the Cllr was elected by the public of the ward he now represents. I am not a fan of the Tories but I accept that I live in a democracy and the majority of voters wanted to see them in power. My options now are that I can either emigrate or accept that as part of this democracy I must support what decisions they make. If you don’t want to be represented by the Cllr there are a lot of other wards in this area or throughout the UK. Be warmed though, they all have a democratic process so you don’t get to ultimately decide who represents you.

    I don’t know Cllr Reed personally but am aware that he is setting up home either in his ward or within yards of it (I am not sure on the boundaries).

    Let’s hope he spends the rest of his term doing what is right for his constituents rather than getting involved in title tattle like we are!!


  6. Dear “Chris”,

    You are absolutely right when you say that the Cllr in question was elected by the public of the ward he now represents.

    But it would be more accurate to say that his success was only due to the fact that he polled more votes than anyone else from among those ward citizens who could be arsed to visit a poll station.

    He most certainly didn’t get anything like a majority of the votes that were available from all those eligible to vote and who could have voted but chose not to.

    But under the current imperfect system, yes he did win. I suppose you may also buy into the thesis advocated by the RMBC Caution Cabinet Clown who once stupidly said that everyone was in favour of him, even those who didn’t vote, cos if they didn’t like him they’d have voted against him! Now ain’t that just pure Kafkaesque?

    Cllr Read’s test will be a very very simple one indeed, and I wish him luck in his endeavours on my behalf.

    He will either fully represent ALL the citizens of Wickersley, and their wishes and aspirations, or more likely he will sit meekly at the back with all the Labour vegetable voting fodder and nod thru whatever Dodger and the Politburo tell them to do, just like has always happened in Rotherham.


  7. Hi “Grald”,

    Rest assured that Chris is my actual name so inverted commas are not required. Rob Foulds (not sure which account he uses but presuming you’re not him as I would expect better from someone that was to stand for election) has advised me in the past on a change I wanted to make to the road I reside on.

    I was crossing my fingers for Rob at the last election but sadly it wasn’t to be on this occasion. However I think it would be more constructive to local government to allow the current elect to govern and it would be better for Rob’s cause if his supporters (which I presume you are) also showed some level of maturity.

    The way you address others on this blog is nothing short of play ground behaviour which in turn reflects negatively on Mr Foulds as he becomes associated with those who attack his opponents.

    Soap box moment out of the way. Please think twice about how you address the matter in future, for Robs benefit if not your own.



    • Welcome Chris, glad you have found something that interests you enough to stimulate comment. Yes we can be a little immature at times but there is a point to it. If you have ideas for subjects or want to contribute an article for publication you would be most welcome.
      Happy posting


    • Dear Chris,

      Thank you for your posting. I can confirm that I am not Rob Foulds. I do not speak for him. Mr Foulds seems to me like a guy who is a lot more than capable of speaking for himself, as is witnessed here on this forum, and with his regular contributions to t’Tiser, and at the public meetings at which I have heard him speak most eloquently, particularly when challenging the Muppets from Town Hall Towers.

      Your reference to “playground behaviour” is an accolade which I am entirely grateful to receive and I welcome it with open arms. As for the matter of letting those elected get on with governing, well let’s just say that the Wickersley Ward residents are waiting with eager anticipation to see just how well we get represented, or whether we have another Parachute Champion from the Dodger Battalion who draws their pay, sez nowt and does as the Politburo tells em to.


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