Today we welcome a new contributor – Millie Tant

Millie Tant joins our growing band of bloggers contributing to the political debate on the Rotherham Politics blog! She is most welcome in joining us!

She has chosen as her first contribution to comment on a recent posting, click here to read.

Millie is one feisty lady! No bull, she drives straight to the heart of issues and is certainly no ones fool. Politically astute, she will add much to the debate here in the future!

Having a laugh back for a change!!

This is the logo that adorns just about everything the Council prints.





We prefer this version that is doing the rounds. We are sure that this is a little more accurate than the original.





What do readers think?

Note to those without a sense of humour, this is satire and therefore should not be taken seriously.

The Advertiser – Selective Readers’ Letters

The Rotherham Advertiser has been named as the regions best newspaper and awarded the Weekly Newspaper of the Year title at the O2 media awards for Yorkshire and Humber 2011.

Judges from regional and national newspapers, television and radio described the Advertiser as an excellent local paper and it has beaten the Yorkshire Evening Post (which won the title of Daily Newspaper of the Year) in  winning the overall  best newspaper in Yorkshire and the Humber. The judges selection was based on all round appeal  and for excellence in news, sport and features. They also praised the way the paper interacted with readers and for providing a superb package at a value for money price.

Congratulations everyone at The Advertiser. I do agree that the paper is good value for money – there’s not a lot you can get for 60p after all.  It has a variety of news, stories and features that appeal to a range of people and tastes.

Just the “interaction with readers” bit sticks in my throat somewhat.

If what is meant by this is competitions, talking with local people and reporting community events, then The Advertiser does that. But how the “Letters to the Editor” are chosen to be printed appears to becoming more politically motivated as each week goes by. No doubt it will be classed by some as ‘sour grapes’ on my part as it’s a while since a letter of mine was printed – though I continue to write faithfully on a number of issues.

But it rankles to continually see published letters from Alice Rodgers  who’s ethics and motives I have questioned on many occasions. Clarification requested RP.

Michael Conlon who failed to be elected as an independent councillor at the last election now writes about hoping the electorate will vote for the Socialist Worker Party.

It is not surprising that Maltby people could be confused and concerned about what is happening to their town when these two attempt to have the monopoly on Maltby’s published opinion verified by The Advertiser.

MacShane – Updates Twit Pic, wraps himself in the union jack? still lying about being a Labour MP!

Denis MacShane has updated his profile picture on Twitter. ‘Father of the Nation’ pose with the Union Jack as the background. ‘Dissembling’ Denis cannot help himself when still lying about being a Labour MP however!!

Denis MacShaneDenis MacShane

Labour MP for Rotherham


Someone in the whips office really should have a quiet word with him about this deceptive description, misrepresenting himself as a Labour MP. While they are about it, perhaps they would like him to amend his self description on Dale & Co website:

66_largeDenis MacShane

Denis MacShane is Labour MP for Rotherham.


It is time this disgraced politician stopped lying about his status, he has not been able honestly to claim to be a ‘Labour MP’ since October last year! When he was suspended from the Labour whip.

See also: Miliband speaks – Denis pushed off Labour Benches!. Read the MacShane files.

Local Development Framework – Public Consultation

So, the Public Consultation for Rotherham’s Local Development Framework has begun. Well officially anyway.

I am desperately trying to keep my cynicism away and approach this “new” consultation process with an open mind and not dwell on past experiences. I was doing ok with this until I ‘dropped in’ at the ‘drop-in’ at Maltby last Thursday.

All the suggested sites were there on the plans and maps ready for the public’s opinion on what to do and where to go next. I asked lots of questions and got lots of replies. It’s just that I can’t understand how it can be said that a certain place is ideal for 55 houses when in the same breath they say that they don’t know what type of houses, private or RMBC owned or even who the land currently belongs to.

Neil Rainsworth from Forward Planning agreed to send me the documents so that I can look at them at my leisure.

Documents attached – awaiting  perusal and opinions!







See also: Local Development Framework consultation.

Miliband speaks – Denis pushed off Labour Benches!

Ed Miliband Labour Leader spoke this morning with force and conviction:

“Today marks two weeks since we found out that Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked by the News of the World.
Rebekah Brooks has been arrested, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner has resigned.
Tomorrow we will have some of the most important select committee hearings in modern times.
It feels that everything has changed.
But the real risk remains that too little will really change.” Read on…..

Close reading of his speech reveals a barley disguised call on Cameron to resign and clear messages for his own side, at least perhaps for our very own Denis MacShane it would seem!

Watching Parliament this afternoon, well it’s better than the awful alternatives available during the day, Labour members were well represented but the benches were far from full. The television director and the Speaker seemed to be assisting in making sure that Denis’s position in the outer reaches of the chamber of the Commons, could be easily identified, even to a casual observer. An apparently insignificant thing you might think? But this replete with significance!

Denis MacShane has been pushed off the Labour benches and is now to be actively shunned!

After all, Ed could hardly have said what he said this morning, and to have allowed MacShane to take a seat amongst them, this afternoon!

The Police investigation into MacShane’s expenses, in contrast to the hacking scandal, has taken nine months without revealing any results.

It is most important that this little bit of left over Labour sleaze, greed and perhaps worse, was brought to an end as expeditiously as possible.

During the very early part of recess would appear to be a convenient time for them, if the Police are not to be accused of deliberately dragging their heels?

Justice delayed must not result in justice being denied!

See also: “UK World Name Takes A Battering. Denis MacShane concludes that this scandal has caused severe damage to Britain’s world reputation. But can we get it back?”

Caution advised for above link! High blood pressure alert! May induce uncontrollable rage!!