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Old Labour – New Labour – Scum Labour in Rotherham’s Stone Age!

When Trambuster coined the title ‘Scum Labour’, to sum up the sorry state of democracy and participation in Rotherham’s Labour Party of today, I thought he may have been a little harsh in his criticism. However after reviewing some of … Continue reading

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Next years crop – badly in need of some weeding or pruning, perhaps?

I thought it might be interesting to take a quick look at sitting councillors on RMBC who would be expecting to be fighting their seats for their party at the local elections next May. Unless their Party tells them otherwise, … Continue reading

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Hidden problems on Anston parish council? Mrs Overall speaks!

Mrs Overall sent us this, just had to share it with everyone. Thanks Mrs Overall: ANSTON PARISH COUNCIL Finance Mtg 8.6.2011 ISt John (ISJ)  –  When C. Thornton asked C.ISJ if as a Trustee of Safe @ Last should he … Continue reading

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New Labour’s Project 99

It wasn’t until I read the report on Ron Windle’s death in the ‘Tiser last Friday that I remembered Project 99. I had no idea they were still so exercised by this last attempt by the Labour Party to ensure … Continue reading

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Top Ten Posts last week – Total 468 page views

A huge thank you to our loyal band of readers and contributors who have stayed with us during the fag end of August. The political season is just about to start after the holidays and we look forward to September … Continue reading

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Labour Group change the rules, retrospectively.

I found this little beauty of a story on p44 of “50 Years Ago” in this week’s “Advertiser”, Friday 26 August 2011. Readers of Rotherham Politics may reflect on just how little has changed in Rotherham during the last 50 years and just how … Continue reading

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George Valentine asks some important questions?

Plucked from a comment, too good to miss: A good subject for Rotherham politics would be the questions leader Roger Stone never answers. Lets start with: Why does the mayor of Rotherham have to be a Labour councillor? Why does … Continue reading

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