Too good to miss – fresh in from Grald Hunter

News is filtering in that Gerald Smith may not yet realise the full significance of his caution and it’s potential for embarrassment both for him and a real test for the Labour Party which will expose the gulf between rhetoric and reality!

Grald Hunter might like to share the private joke with us implicit in his moniker?

Grald-Hunter says:

August 4, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Ha ha ha ha, at last he’s been outed and publicly humiliated :-)

I just knew it would happen sooner or later … it was always going to happen to a Muppet with an ego and a gob bigger than their miniscule brain … :-)

But hang on a minute … it’s “just an error that people make” … well if that don’t take the biscuit … ah well at least it’s consident with the responses from those in the dock on the receiving end of justice every day in our Magistrates and Crown Courts … “it’s just an error”, as in I GOT CAUGHT … yeah and from a supposedly highly-experienced and veteran councillor and public servant with aeons of expertise in this field … oh really, lol,

And now here’s the best bit –

“Cautions and criminal records”
“A caution is not a criminal conviction, but it does go on your criminal record.

“The police will record your caution on their databases. This means that your caution may in some circumstances be told to an employer or used in court as evidence of bad character. The police will also keep a record of photographs, fingerprints and any evidence taken in your case”.

“If you are cautioned for a sexual offence, you could be placed on the sex offenders register”.

“The police may give your name and address to any victims of your crime if they ask for it. This means you might be sued for damages by a victim”.

I once heard a veteran British Army tank sergeant retort the following line to a very arrogant, overbearing and very-new inexperienced cavalry Second Lieutenant who was demanding respect … “Sir, rank you may well wear, but respect from me you have yet to earn” … Touche :-)

Read the full story and other comments here.

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