Another one of Gerald Smith’s lies nailed!

Gerald Smith’s outrageous behaviour during the parish council election campaign of this May is being exposed for what it was, a total disgrace for a politician engaged in democratic politics!

Today we can nail the blatant lie and fabrication by Smith that Christian Democracy is “a far right European organisation. This can be verified by the parish clerk.

We have the definitive answer to that particular canard from Professor DL Hanley of the University of Wales, who states:

“I can state unequivocally that to describe Christian democracy as belonging to the far right reveals at best political ignorance and at worst the desire to mislead.
The Christian democrat movement and its European instance the EPP (European
People’s Party) are recognised by all political scientists as located firmly in the
tradition of centrist or moderate centre-right politics. Christian democracy has always
been firmly opposed to the far-right.” Read Letter from Prof Hanley in full.

So there we have it, Smith is either a liar or a fool, either way he is unfit for ‘public service’ and should consider his position and resign. The Aston parish clerk also should resign for either being a fool or something much worse!

2 thoughts on “Another one of Gerald Smith’s lies nailed!

  1. Dear Rothpol,

    Another great illuminating article which I’ve no doubt the corpulent Corn Fed Hogs at Town Hall Towers dearly wish had never ever seen the light of day … thank you for your public service in distributing this among the concernced citizenry who do exist across our wonderful Rotherham Borough.

    I sincerely pray to have a time in our town’s life when we have honest, trustworthy and law-abiding Councillors serving us, and not the Politburo we have now who junket for England at our expense and who put their muckers on “independent” allowance committees …

    But to use an old adage “you get what you deserve” is I think particularly true in the case of the muppet under discussion here. While ever there are more apathetic Holderness ward citizens who choose to stay at home then the chances of having anything other than the clown we have now is just not going to happen.

    But, it’s not numbers that determines the will of citizens to lay a challenge to what appears to be a numerically superior opponent … the people who read this Blog and contribute to it and spread it far and wide, and those who regularly use FOI to expose the corn-fed political patronage machine have never been deterred by the scale of the task in front of them … in fact to use an old military adage: “victory only comes when one side admits defeat” … and however small we are, we have not and will not admit defeat against these tyrannical bullies who believe that cos they rule in Town Hall Towers then ipso facto they rule us. I should blinkin cocoa !!!!


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