Hidden problems on Anston parish council? Mrs Overall speaks!

Mrs Overall sent us this, just had to share it with everyone. Thanks Mrs Overall:

Finance Mtg 8.6.2011
ISt John (ISJ)  –  When C. Thornton asked C.ISJ if as a Trustee of Safe @ Last should he not leave the room when this item was being discussed – ISJ –loudly -Chairman I am sick of these continual personal remarks against me. C Thornton pointed out to him not only had he a personal interest but also prejudicial. Cllr.ISJ did not leave the room.
John Ireland (Chair) Made no reference to whom he was addressing but said “I wish the public would keep quiet.  HEH said – We are having to share an Agenda and are having to ask each other where we are – There were only 3 put out and that is not enough, maybe we could have more next time.  Cllr. Wardle’s partner said maybe you should come back here and share with us, HEH I am sharing with this gentleman – Partner – Well as long as you are alright that’s all that matters isn’t it – HEH quite correct.  VSE – if you had come earlier you would have got one.
During Cllr. Wardles Partner’s interrupting John Ireland did not admonish him once!
The Judging of the GARDENS
ISJ – Pushing for the judging  to take place after 6pm.  ISJ said he wanted to be on the panel. This from a man who at a previous judging asked a parishioner if they got many grapes on their vine, which was in fact a golden hop.  Maybe judging should be left to people, not necessarily Parish Councillors, who have horticultural knowledge.


Finance Meeting 20.6.2011
Cllr.Dalton appointed Chair – Dominic Beck Vice Chair

Parish Council Meeting 20.6.2011
Dobsons Path
HEH raised the condition of this (broken handrail, litter & general detritus from overhanging trees) and asked whose responsibility this was.  ISJ told the Chair as it was a public footpath this would be the Borough. C Burton offered to look into the matter.
Handrail from The Levels to Main Street
HEH pointed out the siting and inappropriate nature of this. The rail is on the “wrong” side, the material is not conducive to a Conservation Area, this being ……….which stands out like a sore thumb and especially when the sun shines on it which makes it over bright and the general appearance is ugly.  ISJ said he had been to view this and thought it was quite good.  Dominic Beck said the aesthetics were not important!!
The Parish Council say they have had no complaints – HEH told them many people had complained locally but felt the Parish Council to be a non-listening council.

Cllr Baker pointed out that this handrail had been originally scheduled for Jackie Fishers Hill and had been installed in the wrong area.
HEH – asked  when a handrail will be installed on Jackie Fishers Hill and asked Cllr Burton to ascertain that this will be green and in sympathy with the area.
Valerie Sheldon Ennis pointed out that in cold and frosty weather this material would cause people’s hands to stick to the metal handrail  and that some form of covering is needed and this to be in sympathy with the area.

Apparently RMBC had said that for this rail to be green the Parish Council would have to pay the difference.  Obviously Anston Parish Council did not wish to do this.  This from a council where the majority voted for us the parishioners to pay for their and their partners Christmas social.

Valerie Sheldon-Ennis – Referred to the bench on The Green – At a previous meeting The Clerk told the meeting it had been painted – She had examined this and found this bench and found it unsatisfactory.   The paint to have flaked off and rust in evidence.  The Clerk to have this looked at.

The wall between The Green & Jackie Fishers Hill.
Is now nearing completion with the small retaining wall left to complete.  This was started October 2010 a matter of 8 months for a wall of ….long & …high.
A member of the public falsely accused Cllr.Thornton of remarks against the contractor.
What is happening about making good the rise over which cars have driven over is not as yet known.
This wall was first damaged c 25 years ago and again c 10 years ago – We have been pressing for the repair all this time.

John Ireland, yet again, saying  Would the public stop talking and yet gain looking towards HEH whilst doing so.  She told him she was not speaking it was someone behind.  J Ireland said he did not know who it was.  HEH told him he always directed his attention towards herself JI said he could not see where he was looking. HEH told him she could and he was as ever looking at her.
It is noticeable when his “friends” come to Parish Council meetings and have their discussions or even verbally attack other members of the public – No mention is made of this! Enough is becoming enough.

Iain St.John – Continually interrupted people whilst speaking although at one point when he had appeared to have concluded a point against myself I came in with a counter point at which he shouted Don’t interrupt I have not finished.
It is noticeable that in the main body of the meeting where the public cannot speak Cllr St.John comes in with back stabbing remarks against anyone who disagrees with him.

Iain St.John said to Stuart Thornton “You are a disgrace to the profession of councillor”
Cllr Wardle at one point put out her tongue at someone on the other side of the table.
Continual interrupting C. Thornton and attempting, in my opinion, to belittle this councillor.
Dominic Beck also continually interrupting and voicing his opinions.  He does not seem to consider it necessary to seek the permission of the Chair to speak.

A member of the public commented on The Chair’s failure to keep the meeting on track.

July waiting for the idiot to bring his papers.


Wednesday 3 8.2011
Democracy Anston Parish Council Style.  Each time Cllr Stuart Thornton attempted to speak Cllr Robin Stonebridge proposed “That this councillor not be heard”.  Here we go again Cllr Stonebridge do you not want the people of Anston to know about the secret meetings?  Come on Chairman get a grip don’t evict councillors for pointing out your failure in declaring prejudicial interest.

Quality Parish Council – let the people decide?

3 thoughts on “Hidden problems on Anston parish council? Mrs Overall speaks!

  1. There’s nothing like a “Quality Parish Council” and let’s be quite sure about it – this is nothing like a quality parish council!!!


  2. Anston parish council is a real ‘Rotten Borough’, from what I’ve heard.

    Iain St John and Robin Stonebridge seem to think the parish of Anston belongs to them. Secret meetings! Whatever next!

    It is high time this little cess pit was exposed for what it is, undemocratic, lacking in transparency and run as a ‘fiefdom’, for the ‘benefit of the few not the many’!


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