Old Labour – New Labour – Scum Labour in Rotherham’s Stone Age!

When Trambuster coined the title ‘Scum Labour’, to sum up the sorry state of democracy and participation in Rotherham’s Labour Party of today, I thought he may have been a little harsh in his criticism. However after reviewing some of the facts, I am tempted to agree with him.

Remember the ‘Layden’ Days, when Jack Layden, Eric Manns and Friend Cooper ruled the roost, far from idyllic were they?

The days of Keith Billington followed by Mark Edgells, New Labour, were at least optimistic but this ultimately turned out to be no more than a ‘Prague spring’ moment.

Rotherham’s ‘Stone Age’ has returned us to the ‘Old Labour’ Days, with the premium again placed on rigid discipline, but this in the modern era has evolved into ‘Scum Labour’ make no mistake.

A working definition of ‘Scum Labour’ might be ‘Old Labour’ plus extraordinary greed at all levels from parish, Town Hall and both Houses of Parliament, the gravy train was exploited to the full, ‘fill your boots’ was their only maxim by all accounts. Hadn’t got a receipt? Never mind, just make one of your own! Nobody seems to serve the public for nothing any more? Even the Standards Board Members are paid! Who decides how much? The councillors they police! An outrageous example of ignored conflict of interests, I would have thought? Others less charitable, might conclude that the Councillors and co-opted members were in a corrupt embrace! Perhaps? What do readers think?

10 thoughts on “Old Labour – New Labour – Scum Labour in Rotherham’s Stone Age!

  1. Hey Rothpol,

    Don’t leave out the “Independent Remuneration Panel”, that band of unelected secret people who are put in place by … the Town Hall Towers muppets … and then decide how much of OUR dosh they want to freely give to their corn fed muckers … and they think they should get more than they already do …


    Now ‘ere’s a funny thing … have a look at the unelected names of those on this Panel and then have a shufty at the Hospitality Register entries previously listed on this website … and let’s see if we can see any Panel names there who have bestowed largesse on the greedy hungry corn fed hogs, clowns and muppets …

    Click to access 2008-01-02-rmbc-hospitality-register-entries.pdf

    Ah ha, I can see one name there many many times for sure … dishing out gifts left, right and centre, now you have a look … tickets for da rugby, tickets for da footie, tickets for some scoff, even a gismo for getting from A2B …

    Yeah, very Independent – NOT, in my opinion.

    Ah, well at least the chauffeur’s bin lids got a bag of KP Nuts passed down to em from “Da Strong Leader”, duh!


  2. And if anyone in the local, regional or national Labour Party wonders why electors and ratepayers frustratingly use the term “Scum Labour” then I can heartily recommend and endorse this link – http://uk.news.yahoo.com/expenses-fraud-ex-mp-morley-freed-074246341.html – and ask them to seriously reflect on the following:

    (a) crime does appear to pay handsomely for convicted elected public servants like this one when they only serve a QUARTER of their custodial sentence 😦

    (b) the subject of this article – http://uk.news.yahoo.com/expenses-fraud-ex-mp-morley-freed-074246341.html – thoroughly deserves the accolade of “Scum Labour” IMHO 🙂


  3. looks a bit like the last MALTBY forum,same old routine by some of the OLD people,il,, keep an eye on this and see if it goes down the same OLD road,suppose you,ll be in the advertiser again this week spewing more of your labour bashing,seems that paper is good when it comes to printing labour bashing letters,only my oppinion,once again grawl from under your stone,get a backbone and stand in the forthcoming elections for the borough,when i,ve got as much experiance as you thats wat i,ll do,yours stewart


    • Dear stewartplatt,

      Let’s see your club’s colours in a posting on here that unequivocally condemns the activities of the likes of disgraced Morley-et-al … or perhaps you secretly endorse his activities and those of his ilk?

      Over to you stewartplatt or whoever or whatever you really are, elected or unelected poster …


  4. gerald,my club colours are red,no problem with that,over to u are u yellow or blue,do u no someone else is useing a similar user name to u i dont no if someone is trying to confuse matters i no it wont be u because that would be childish,would,nt it?.you no i am not the brightest of people unlikeyourself but i am working on that,MORLEY-ET-AL,can you explain then i will be able to give u my oppinions.dear gerald u are well aware of who i am so please put your questions to me in plane OLD english,makes life much easier for a duggy like me.yours stewart


  5. Dear stewartplatt poster,

    My colours are lifelong Labour voter and supporter, but a “very very critical friend” of the Rotherham Labour Group and its current self-centred dominence over socialist common sense and principles, aka the freeloading and junketing that has been taking place, nay, encouraged by the current Leeda. Evidence for that … well look under the FOI section on this website … all the evidence is there for you to easily read.

    So that’s my colours out of the way.

    Morley-et-al refers to the disgraced public servant Morley who was released early from custody of HMP. The et-al bit refers to “and any others”. So from that you may correctly deduce that I find the man’s criminal activities repugnant in the extreme and I condemn him and anyone else who supports or sympathises with him.

    Presumably you too condemn him equally, as a committed Maltby socialist ex-mineworker and artist of some talent, and an apparently democratically elected public servant?

    Now’s your moment, Stew Baby …

    Do you condemn Morley for his criminal activity?

    Or do you approve of Morley’s criminal activity?

    A simple YES or NO will do, but not a neutral, “well I can’t say”, purleez.


  6. i totally condemn anyone and everyone for any criminal act that they committ while serveing the public who put them in place to serve them ,Can i ask u wat do u mean APPARENTLY DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANT? are u concerned that there is another gerald gerald on here,u wouldnt no anything about this,would u.


  7. stewartplatt says:

    September 20, 2011 at 4:03 pm
    i totally condemn anyone and everyone for any criminal act that they committ while serveing the public who put them in place to serve them ,Can i ask u wat do u mean APPARENTLY DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANT? are u concerned that there is another gerald gerald on here,u wouldnt no anything about this,would u.

    Dear stewartplatt,

    There’s only one of me, Grald-Hunter, on here as far as I know.

    Thank you for your very public, brave and unequivocal condemnation of ALL those in public life who break the criminal law while serving as public servants.

    Congratulations, Sir, you are the first Labour supporter to publically condemn such atrocious behaviour, which I think you will find now puts you on a very different side of the public line to most of the Corn Fed Hogs, Clowns and Muppets at Town Hall Towers who have recently cowered in subdued silence and publically said and done nothing while letting the repulsive smell from the leaflet affair drift over the North Sea to offend the Swedes.


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