We were told that Rotherham Show was non-political!

Denis MacShaneDenisMacShaneDenis MacShane

Early am duty setting up Labour Party stall at Rotherham show. Now sun is out so come to Sth Yorkshire’s premier weekend event #cliftonpark

Denis’s Tweet gives the lie to Karl Battersby’s contention that Rotherham Show was non-political! No, we didn’t believe him either!

Reports please from anyone attending? Post it as a comment or Email reports to rothpol@rikv.net. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “We were told that Rotherham Show was non-political!

  1. @Grald-Hunter … got dressed after L8 brekkie o nuts-n-muesli wi dolphin-free-tuna, caught bus – tram – lhama – hopscotch – piggyback – pushbike – tandem – walking bus … ta Clifton Park …

    met John Healey Esq, my MP, bought some raffle tickets, won a gr8 prize of Belgian Chocolate Mug with Luxury Choc Packet … gave that to Mrs G-H as wedding anniv pressie for last yr … bought some Labour Party pin badges … signed Labour Party petition re: saving NHS from
    Cam-Clugg’s ConDoms …

    like loadza others were doin I bodyswerved Da Docta McSh**e, I wouldna buy owt from him, but I counted my fingers on each hand as I walked away … yup, all present n correct.

    Found Area Arsembly tent, but it was 1700 hrs and all empty … gr8 British public should work RMBC hours … iffen da few shops left in t’tarn did same they’d disappear just like t’Imperial Buildingz did …

    Saw back view o’ t’Mayor wi iz gold chain, best view I’ve ivver seen on im, ee looks betta in that direction, will try to repeat again next time I eyeball ‘im …

    Saw loadza obese lardy lads-n-lasses wi loadza whinin babbiz wantin chips n burgers and avin tantrums … didn’t see Jamie or Da Doger or Doyly Carton wi t’Booik Clubb …

    She worr in Sheffuld a day or so agu, I wunder if she gen Dodger a bell n they ad sum snap togever …

    Gorra gu cos pies n chips r reddy … rayt


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