Spotted in the Star by Don

Dear Rothpol,
I thought you and your active and empowered Rotherham Politics readers may be interested in this story lately gleaned from the Rotherham Star –

It seems that there’s no shortage of naturalists such as ourselves who know that Chinese White Elephants at Rother Valley Country Park are just part of a much larger herd of extinct life forms which eventually die out – i.e. Rotherham Town Centre, Dolly’s Books for Babbiz, Imperial Buildings, All Saints Buildings, and the list from Da Dodger and Da Muppets n Corn Fed Hogs just continues to grow and grow and grow – and all with our money and not their own.

Don Buxton

See also from Yorkshire Post: Campaigners fight Visions of China project for country park.

5 thoughts on “Spotted in the Star by Don

  1. Conisborough Canary, Community Champion and PJ Cawkwell,
    You have three identities, playing your guessing games may ultimately prove fruitless, ever heard of the double bluff?
    With your logic, Da Dodger and Da Muppets n Corn Fed Hogs in Town Hall Towers must be quaking in their boots! Rovrum deserves better!


  2. Rotherham Politics readers have long since realised the benefit of using their critical faculties to the max. This particular story should be no exception.

    From previous experience it will flop, burdened by hidden costs. Remember Supertram, Earth Centre or the Music Museum? Expensive ‘white elephants’ every one!

    We shouldn’t sleepwalk in to another disaster caused directly by Da Dodger and Da Muppets n Corn Fed Hogs in Town Hall Towers! The example of the new council offices and the extra fitting out costs exposed recently in ‘Tiser should be instructive and persuasive!

    We have had enough of Roger Da Dodger’s expensive fantasies, we certainly don’t want more expense put on the shoulders of our Children or Grand Children to pay off, at more exorbitant cost!

    Time for Da Dodger and Da Muppets n Corn Fed Hogs in Town Hall Towers, to stop spending our hard earned on pet projects!


  3. Been asked to clarify who’s who! So here goes:

    Da Dodger – Our highly esteemed Leader Roger Stone.

    Da Muppets – Mostly senior officers, occasionally more Junior ones.

    Corn Fed Hogs – The councillors, mostly time served half wits or other party apparatchiks.

    The renowned hypocrite and now deposed Deputy Leader, Terry Sharman, once described the Councillors as “earning their corn!” Should prove difficult for the poor thing now that he has been banished to the Police Authority at much reduced income. But as he now has trouble remembering how he voted, or even if he was present at the meeting, they will have some fun with him!


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