The Bank of Rotherham – From the Taxpayers Alliance.

The Bank of Rotherham

Andrew Allison Thursday 15 September 2011

At a time when Rotherham Council is cutting its budget and making some of its employees redundant, you wouldn’t think it had any spare cash to splash, would you?

Well, you’d be wrong, because the council who spent £2.9 million refurbishing its Town Hall (including £310,000 on chairs and coverings) has recently spent almost £10 million on furnishing its new multi-million pound offices. But that isn’t all it’s been using our money for. Read on…..

Well spotted by Simon. Remember our readers are our eyes and ears! See something interesting? Please let us know about it!

2 thoughts on “The Bank of Rotherham – From the Taxpayers Alliance.

  1. I can’t get my breath. I am staggered, or is this just me?

    You are actually chastising a member of the Rotherham town centre business community for wanting to re-ignite the ‘umpfh’ of Rotherham town centre…?

    I’m speechless, I really am.


    • Dear Patrick,

      You are an out-of-towner, non-Rotherham resident, non-Rotherham voter, non-
      Rotherham council taxpayer, who doesn’t have children in Rotherham schools, who clearly has a myopic and distorted view about your muckers, the Corn Fed Clowns and Muppets at Town Hall Towers, but rest assured your simplistic view of Planet Cawkwell is just not shared by many Rotherham residents, including me, who regularly read this Forum.

      You may be glad that Da Dodger is splashing mine, and others, hard earned local tax cash about, but rest assured that me and many many other Rotherham residents and taxpayers are livid about this.

      We’ve known for some time that Da Dodger is a Right Banker, but to have you puckering up to him and metaphorically cuddling with him, is just plain offensive to me and many others who pay our local taxes to receive local services, not so some corpulent self-indulgent C&W-obsessed political public servant has-been who’s never ever set up and run his own business from out of his own pocket can now branch out into dispensing OUR funds, not yours, to commercial businesses who are already well-served with financial institutions who will lend money – if the business plan seems viable and sustainable.

      Please share with us on this forum the personal experience you may have gained through running your own self-start small to medium size business.

      Many Rotherham residents who read this forum have indeed run, and still do, run their own businesses and they deeply resent the way that RMBC and the Corn-Fed Clowns and Muppets are bankrupting the town for generations to come.


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