Moran – Court appearance today! Takes the blubbing defence to new lengths?

Margaret Moran the disgraced ex-Labour MP recently charged with fifteen counts of false accounting, contrary to the Theft Act 1968 and six counts of forgery, contrary to the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981, totalling £60,000! Appeared in court for the first time since being charged.

Accompanied by the now familiar figure of Gerald Shamash of Steel & Shamash, the Labour Party official solicitors. Margaret Moran is reported to have sobbed throughout the short  proceedings. BBC coverage here.

I fear however that she will not evoke much sympathy for taking £60,000 of our money and putting it in her own back pocket! She has succeeded in making a laughing stock of herself and would benefit, methinks, from a bit more backbone!

1 thought on “Moran – Court appearance today! Takes the blubbing defence to new lengths?

  1. As a hard-pressed taxpayer, citizen, voter and resident of Rotherham I have no sympathy whatsoever with anyone, particularly an elected public servant, who’s charged, tried AND convicted of theft.

    IMHO it’s a despicable crime with a dreadful effect on its victims, and It comes as a huge disappointment particularly when the person charged, tried AND convicted is an elected public servant and a member of the party of the working class, i.e. The Labour Party, who surely should uphold those admirable principles upon which the party was founded.

    Maybe it’s time for some outspoken public Labour leadership, both at a national and local level to utterly condemn those in public office who indulge in activities like theft and forgery. But I think I will be waiting a darned long time for either.

    As a lifetime Labour voter and supporter, the party would regain its great and honourable reputation in my eyes if it ditched its fixation with closing ranks and protecting those locally and nationally who clearly breach criminal law and bring the party into such very public disrepute.


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