New life breathed into Scum Labour post

When the previous post of 31st August, Old Labour – New Labour – Scum Labour in Rotherham’s Stone Age! I mistakenly thought the originator of the term ‘Scum Labour’ was our good friend ‘Trambuster’, but I was wrong. The originator was in fact Michael Elmer of the Christian Peoples Alliance, the British version of the Christian Democrats.

He was responding to the Gerald Smith affair and was outraged at his repetition of serious libels about the nature of Christian Democracy. Given the provocation, I am surprised he expressed himself in such measured terms in his letter published in the Advertiser.

The response he elicited from Denis MacShane, Chief exponent and role model of Rotherham’s Scum Labour, was revelatory, as was the defence of Labour in Rotherham from a non member! Worth the cover price alone, still some left on the news stands, get yours.

Ed Miliband was not included in ‘Scum Labour’, but he will be, if he does nothing about the fundamentally broken Labour politics, that we the long suffering citizens of Rotherham have to endure.

Update: Original post 45 views today and most popular and has clocked up a total of 95 views since August 31st.

30 thoughts on “New life breathed into Scum Labour post

  1. Quite simply, Miliband is not at all serious about reforming his party – he is quite apparently much more interested in perpetuating the Blairite corporate facade/twaddle that has been so prevalent over this past decade, than dealing with the professional standards of his faithful retainers e.g. offensive attacks on the public, misleading the electorate, etc.

    Miliband will be fully aware of how his lickspittles operate, but he, like Blair, operates on the basis of power at all costs – sod the public.


    • having just read your last entry trambuster can i coment on your last few words,basis of power at all costs – sod the public,should this not be directed at the rotherham independents,these people who give up there believes in the hope of power in another name , just take the majority of the MALTBYindependents,a right shower that in my oppinion did little for the people they were put in place to serve,personaly i will not be a puppet and be told wat to do , like before i ask u stand for your parish,, borough or are u just going to keep on with your little game,come on show the public who u are so they can make up for thereselfs if your worth the bother,look forward to seeing you stand up like a man and be counted by the rotherham electorate,yours stewart


      • Dear stewartplatt,

        In the advanced Western parliamentary democracy in which we live here in the UK it is a given fact and an inalienable right of the people to freely choose those who politically represent us and then we, the citizenry, have another inalienable right, i.e. that of democratically and legally holding to account those who we choose to elect.

        This forum is just one such mechanism by which citizens of all political persuasions can legally comment and share opinions about those who we freely elect to govern our country and its towns and cities with our consent. We do not have to agree with, or like, or respect, those who achieve political dominance through weight of voter numbers as a result of dire electoral apathy as has historically been the case here in Rotherham.

        Nowhere in our political constitutions does it say that a citizen has to stand for national or local election for public office in order to hold the political executive to account. We, the people can choose to lawfully express any contrary opinions of those we elect wherever, whenever and however we choose.

        You may wish that it were not so, and you may wish that we regress back to the days of the Tolpuddle Martyrs where the force of the then law was unfairly imposed on working people to effectively prevent them from meeting and organising to challenge the status quo.

        If you entertain any such delusions of thought, I can assure you that the same spirit of repulsion and challenge would exist today as bravely existed among the brave men of Tolpuddle in Dorset those many many years ago.


  2. Grald-Hunter says:
    September 20, 2011 at 7:06 pm
    “This forum is just one such mechanism by which citizens of all political persuasions can legally comment and share opinions about those who we freely elect to govern our country and its towns and cities with our consent.”

    This is true,and thank heavens it is.
    However, it seems that some posters here are entitled – or even encouraged – to make unfounded allegations based on apparent knowledge from sources that they will not reveal. Others take a stance of superiority based on their ‘ability’ to use patronising vocabulary and derogatory (presumably intentionally amusing) naming/labelling.
    One law for selective posters … … … ?


      • Hiya Patrick,

        Any news on the sources in the Labour Party you were going to have a chat with, we’re all going Tory Blue in the face waiting for you to report back.

        Hey, while I’m about it, check out “stewartplatt’s” latest post where he unequivocally condemns public servants who trangress the criminal law while in public office. You surely know who that relates to don’t you? ….


      • Speaking of damage, Patrick, I’m sure you realise that the Caution Cabinet Clown has caused significant damage to the Rotherham Labour Group’s reputation in the eyes of the Swedish Christian Democrat party … read the posting “Kristdemokraten” … maybe you would like to condemn him now that another Labour party has got the courage to mount the firestep …


      • not very nice that grald ,seeing as u are a coward u likes to hide behind a made up name and once again look at the picture u use if i,m correct its a a10 thunderbolt ,please correct me if i,m wrong,i am not going to try and out u ,that once again would be childishand we all no your not childish ,are u? on your answer to patrick is this once again childish behaviour on your part will u explane to us on here wen u say u no who that relates to,well i do seeing as i posted it.when u post these answers on here why just not say its your oppinion ,your not going to stand for the people who your working so hard for on here but your going to sit typing this kind of stuff ,winging and whining for the rest of your days.yours stewart.whats your name i,de like to match some emails up with someone


  3. Comrades, comrades! We demand the same rights here, as can now be enjoyed in more parts of the world after and frequently contributing to, the momentous events this year in the Middle East. I speak of freedom of expression, one of our most fundamental of human rights!

    Our right to an opinion, and to express it freely, is a cause that is both just and worth fighting for and I for one, will brook no interference with these rights here, or any other place I choose.

    The Rotherham Politics website/blog is bringing together increasing numbers of people dissatisfied with the way things are and who want to see improvement in Rotherham’s governance.

    Shining a spotlight on dark corners, exposing wrongdoing, is frequently the only way we can contribute and has a distinct disinfectant like effect when wrongdoing is exposed to the light.

    Independents are unwise if they don’t at least co-operate to fight the local elections next May so that they, individually, can perform better at the polls or at the very least stay legal!


  4. i take umbridge at this latest attack on me,you accuse me of imitateing my fellow cllrs ,oops,sorry imtimidateing my fellow cllrs but u cant ,no wont tell me and the rest of the readers who these cllrs are,as for insulting people i am only following gerald,i was always told to listen to my ELDERS and seeing as gerald is doing nothing wrong ,i cant see a problem,will gerald be getting a telling off for naming people on hear?Please feel free to turn up at my house ,you,ve got the address,i,ll put kettle on for u.yours stewart


    • Stewart,
      I was referring to your carping criticism of those contributors who do not wish to fill up page after page of searches when your real name is used on blogging platforms.

      This is not an anonymous blog, there are innumerable clues sprinkled throughout this blog pointing to the identities of fellow contributors. Guessing the identities yourself, not naming them, is part of this blogs many charms. You will find that pretty well all contributors have been accurately named in the past by those like you that thought the identities of fellow contributors were important. It is ideas and opinion that are most important, not who said it! Unless you are a politician that is and want all the publicity you can get! Yuk!!!

      I cant speak for others, but there is a certain humility to be found in making your words speak for you, without the associated personality being important.

      Using language such as:
      “i take umbridge at this latest attack on me,you accuse me of imitateing my fellow cllrs ,oops,sorry imtimidateing my fellow cllrs but u cant ,no wont tell me and the rest of the readers who these cllrs are,as for insulting people” is not an acceptable way to conduct yourself whilst visiting this blog.

      Demanding privileged information from us, is not the best way to endear yourself nor is the mocking tone of your pretend lack of ability in the spelling department! We like all sources of news, have an obligation to our private sources and commit to protecting their identities. Have you not noticed the Guardian situation?

      I have reviewed the contributions on the blog I assume you are referring to and I do not consider that your reputation has been damaged by anything posted here, save your own contributions.


  5. Ed Miliband has been elected Leader of the Labour Party by people (wait for it….) who have a right to vote in the election.

    If you aren’t a member and can’t vote through a lack of union affiliation then can I suggest you consider why it interests you bearing in mind I have advocated joining the Labour Party many times.

    Rothpol seem’s to making mistake’s in term of his sources and accuracy of information quite a lot lately…very interesting.


    • Except that Ed now wants to involve non members non trades unionists in the decisions? Don’t ever make the assumption that the full facts are in the public arena!

      What was it Groucho Marx used to say, “He wouldn’t want to join any club that would have him”, similar feeling here towards the Labour Party!


    • Dear Patrick,

      Please let me help you out a bit here, brother.

      As one socialist citizen trade union member to you as a brotherh socialist Labour Party member and activitist, well, you see the clue’s in the webpage title – “Rotherham Politics”. Get it?

      We’re very interested, as forcefully and sincerely expressed on here by me and many others, because here in Rotherham we are unfortunately lumbered with an autocratic elderly almost exclusively male Cabinet (only 2 women among 8 men) who band together to repel all views from communities, “critical friends” and members of their own party who recognise that the earth doesn’t spin in an orbit determined by t’Leeda.

      Ed Miliband and the others of the Labour Left Wing Chelsea Luvvie Auvergne Cottage Set have not got a clue about what’s happening here in Rotherham with the Cabinet Clown causing embarrassment with our Swedish neighbours, neither will they have read the Leeda’s extensive Hospitality Register entries.


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