Planning reform: what are the facts? from!

Found this when researching the new planning rules, just had to share it with readers:

Planning reform: what are the facts?

21 September, 2011 – 17:35 — Jenny Gulliford

In Monday’s edition of The World at One there was a heated debate between the Director General of the National Trust Dame Fiona Reynolds and Managing Director of Pimlico Plumbers, Charlie Mullins. Under discussion was an issue which has been bubbling away in both the news and in Parliament over the last few weeks- the new Draft Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Read on….

5 thoughts on “Planning reform: what are the facts? from!

  1. The problem with all of this ‘Planning reform’ is that, to-date, it has been nothing other than complete and utter waffle by government. And when that is combined with the tacit strategy of planning officers in local authorities i.e. don’t approve anything, cos it keeps us all in very nicely paid jobs thank you, well it all seems to be going speedily nowhere and of course the public continues to fund those freeloaders, whose income depends upon the perpetuation of the current circumstances.

    Twas ever thus!


    • Hey Trambuster,

      Our French neighbours have a neat saying that nicely covers this situation: “Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose)”.

      And this loosely translates as – The more things change, the more they stay the same. Used when a change does not result in an improvement in a situation.

      Rotherham folk when faced with the same type of cobblers and heifer dung spin from the Corn Fed Hogs and Muppets at Town Hall Towers have been heard to mutter: “Same old, same old”.

      Or as I once heard a woman say in the trackless bus queue in All Saint’s Square: “If they put a red rosette in the gob of one of them pigs in Schonut’s window these fools in Rotherham would vote for it”. 🙂

      I couldn’t agree more with you about those well-fed civic freeloaders on toxic salaries who perpetuate the status quo by endless studies, factfinding junkets, and reports to “Members”, all of which results in – nowt – except they keep their top dollar jobs. 😦


    • Nope, same old, same old.

      Or as General Charles de Gaulle famously said to Gt Britain: “Non”.

      And then repeated by the Caution Cabinet Clown, and paraphrased thus: “thar gonna get worr arm tellin thee thar gonna get, an it dunnt marra wot CanDo Carl n iz lickspittlez sez or duz cos I’m King o t’Muck Eeap an t’Cock Bird an arr can du worra wannt n tharr can’t vote me arrt cos tharr dunnt live in marr warrrrrd, rayt”.

      And the Magic Roundabout spun round and round, and Trambuster, Accidental Anarchist and Grald-Hunter shrugged their shoulders and waited until the Roundabout stopped spinning … and waited … and waited … and waited … and waited … but they are patient … and they’re still there and waiting 🙂


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