Friend of Old Rotherham brings us these two stories that will amuse you!

Firstly this very revealing story, in Yorkshire’s national daily, the Yorkshire Post, from 2003:

Fresh blow for council rocked by scandal

Published on Sunday 26 October 2003

THE new leader of a council tainted by a major sleaze scandal has admitted making a false expenses claim over a trip to Scotland – but insists it was a genuine mistake.

The claim, by Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone, was discovered during a police inquiry into an anti-poverty organisation run by Garvin Reed, the disgraced former deputy leader of the authority who is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for his part in stealing 172,000 of public money. Read on….

And this link to a piece of the jigsaw of the history of Rotherham from the same time:


Available as a pdf, here.

A timely reminder of the tendency to corruption, fraud and worse that seems to occur wherever  Labour rule without effective opposition!

Thanks to ‘A Friend of Old Rotherham‘, for bringing these links to our attention.

A selection of stories featuring Roger Stone from the Yorkshire Post can now be found in:

The Leader’s Files – Roger Stone

1 thought on “Friend of Old Rotherham brings us these two stories that will amuse you!

  1. Quote from the Council records – “Councillor Stone acknowledges that he submitted an erroneous claim for rail fare when he had, in fact, travelled to Motherwell in an officer’s car and returned in the car of a former Deputy Leader of the Council, Garvin Reed.”

    Now let me see, why on earth would someone make a claim for train fair when they’d travelled by car – anybody any ideas?

    It’s perhaps a little like making a claim for mortgage payments for a house you didn’t have a mortgage on.

    Elliot Morley goes to prison – Roger Stone walks away scot free!!

    I’ll bet old Elliot regrets not having a more sympathetic claims arranger.


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